Yaa Gyasi's favorite childhood books

Just For Fun

Yaa Gyasi’s 5 Favorite Books from Childhood

We were thrilled to ask Yaa Gyasi, author of the breathtaking Homegoing, about the books she loved most as a child and remembers fondly to this day.


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Meet the Illustrator: Mike Lowery Thumbnail


Growing Reader

Meet the Illustrator: Mike Lowery

Known for his sense of humor and sketchbook-style illustrations, Mike Lowery is the illustrator behind Prince and Pirate, a giggle-inducing book about two incompatible fish forced to share the same tank.


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Democracy Begins at Home: Books to Teach Kids About Our American Government

Here are some books that we can read together to begin to pass the torch of democracy and liberty on to our kids. (And maybe we grown-ups can learn a thing or two as well.)


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Coding for Kids: A Programming Languages Primer for Parents and Teachers

Confused about what coding explorations are best for kids? Here are some insights to better understand some of the most popular programming languages for beginners.

How to Find the Ideal Reading Environment for Your ADHD Child Thumbnail

Tips & Advice

How to Find the Ideal Reading Environment for Your ADHD Child

In his 30 years of practicing psychiatry, James M. Greenblatt, M.D., has helped many families find the most successful reading environments for their ADHD children.

Drop the Ball, Go to the Ball, and Travel Back in Time: 3 New Books to Dive Into This Summer Thumbnail

Grown-Up Reads

Drop the Ball, Go to the Ball, and Travel Back in Time: 3 New Books to Dive Into This Summer

We take a close look at three wonderful, brand-new reads to add to your bookshelf for summer: The Shadow Land, Alex and Eliza, and Drop the Ball.


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Goldie Blox Gets Her Own Chapter Book Series, Helping Girls See Themselves as Future Engineers

The new Goldie Blox series paints a clear picture of a girl engineer that all readers can learn from — a character who uses STEM to navigate everyday middle school problems.


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Just For Fun

Four Truths About Reading I Learned from My Children

As author Susan Meissner's kids grew up and started picking out what they wanted to read, she found herself learning more about them, and about reading, by the books they chose.

Children's Books About Books

Baby & Toddler


Growing Reader

Books About Books: 8 Children’s Stories That Celebrate the Joy of Reading

These picture books zero in on the pure joy of storytelling and are just the thing for parents who want to plant and nurture the love of reading in their children.



10 New Teen Romance Books You’ll Definitely Fall For

YA romance fans will love these new stories filled with fantasy, it-could-happen-to-you contemporary tales, and even some time travel!