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Hurricane Song

Hurricane Song


Hurricane Song

About the Book

When Miles's mother remarries, Miles decides to move to New Orleans to be with his father. But he and his father are very different—Miles's dad lives for jazz, while Miles's first love is football. Then Hurricane Katrina hits, and the two must seek refuge in the Superdome. What would normally be a dream come true for a football fan, this safe haven turns into a nightmare when the power fails and gangs take over. And when his father decides to rebel, Miles must make a choice that will alter their relationship—and their lives—forever.

Product Details

On sale: June 25, 2009
Age: 12 and up
Grade: Grade 7 & Up
Page count: 160 Pages
ISBN: 9780142414187
Reading level: Lexile: 850L

Author Bio

Paul Volponi is the author of the critically acclaimed young adult novel Black & White. From 1992 to 1998, he taught adolescents on Rikers Island in New York City to read and write. Mr. Volponi worked at a day treatment center like Daytop teaching students and helping them prepare for the GED. Mr. Volponi lives in New York City.


"This powerful tale is a quick but indelible read." --Kliatt, starred review

"A riveting and readable exploration of the effects of race in today’s world." --Kirkus Reviews

"Volponi pulls no punches in his visceral depiction of the horrors that New Orleans’ black residents experienced." --Booklist