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Addison Cooke and the Treasure of the Incas

Addison Cooke and the Treasure of the Incas


Addison Cooke and the Treasure of the Incas

About the Book

Humor meets adventure in this wild ride that is like The Goonies and Indiana Jones rolled into one. Twelve-year-old Addison Cooke, along with his little sister and two best friends, heads to South America to take on dangerous robbers, solve an archaeological mystery, and rescue his aunt and uncle.

Product Details

On sale: October 11, 2016
Age: 8-12 years
Grade: Grades 3-7
Page count: 336 Pages
ISBN: 9780399173776
Reading level: Lexile: 700L

Author Bio

Jonathan W. Stokes ( is a former teacher who is now a rising star as a Hollywood screenwriter. He has written screenplays on assignment for Warner Brothers, Universal, Fox, Paramount, New Line, and Sony/Columbia. Inspired by a childhood love of The Goonies and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Jonathan set out to write his first novel, Addison Cooke and the Treasure of the Incas. Born in Manhattan, he currently resides in Los Angeles, where he can be found showing off his incredible taste in dishware and impressive 96% accuracy with high fives. Follow @jonathanwstokes.


Praise for Addison Cooke and the Treasure of the Incas:

"What to give the kid who's read all the Harry Potter and Percy Jackson books? Try Addison Cooke and the Treasure of the Incas. Pitched as "Goonies meets Indiana Jones,’ this fast-paced adventure will enthrall middle-grade readers and leave them wanting more. Perfect for curling up with on a cozy winter's day!" —Parents Magazine
"An exciting Indiana Jones-style tale of a seventh-grade boy trying to save his kidnapped aunt and uncle—museum curators who are linked to an ancient key that unlocks riches." —Good Housekeeping
"An exciting, adventurous new read…the first book in a new series that promises laugh-out-loud moments and nonstop action." —Boys’ Life

"This action-packed story is difficult to put down. Filled with exotic locations, facts about Incan civilization, and the conquest of Pizarro, young readers will learn some history in an exciting way, while traveling on this larger-than-life adventure." —San Francisco Book Review 

"Combines the derring-do of Indiana Jones with a genuine archaeological mystery…This lively debut promises more seat-of-the-pants thrills for readers who love adventure." —Booklist

"Cinematic pacing and action drive the story, but it’s Addison and his friends who will keep readers engaged. Humor is never in short supply, even when the group narrowly escapes danger, and Addison’s endless optimism and irrepressible confidence in his own abilities are endearing." —School Library Journal

"Featuring a combination of history, settings, and adventure-fueled action, this cinematic novel should leave many readers awaiting Addison and company’s next escapade." —Publishers Weekly 

“This story moves at a fast pace, is full of adventure, and contains light humor when the characters are faced with great odds.” —School Library Connection