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Mrs Wordsmith Storyteller's Word A Day, Grades 3-5

Mrs Wordsmith Storyteller's Word A Day, Grades 3-5

180 Words to Take Your Storytelling to the Next Level

Spiral Bound

Mrs Wordsmith Storyteller's Word A Day, Grades 3-5

About the Book

Flip the page and learn a new storytelling word each day—with 180 richly descriptive words, hilariously illustrated.

Become a master storyteller, one word at a time!

Flip the page and discover a new, challenging, and hilariously illustrated word every day. Create a vocabulary learning habit in just five minutes a day! 

For each of the 180 words, there is an array of ideas for how to use it, including synonyms, word pairs, and examples of the word used in classic novels. 

The combination of engaging and funny illustrations alongside common word pairs and synonyms help to increase the speed and efficiency of vocabulary learning and comprehension. 

Parent's Choice Gold Award Winner 2019 and an Amazon Best Seller in Schools and Education. 

“I can’t imagine a more delightful way to learn than with these wild and hilarious characters! This engaging, fun, and informative resource accelerates children’s storytelling vocabulary, preparing them to write captivating and creative stories. By introducing new words with context, synonyms, word pairs, hilarious illustrations, and more—new vocabulary sticks.”
Susan Neuman – Professor of Childhood Education and Literacy Development, NYU

“This book is a highly informative, engaging, and fun resource to help young people (and their parents) build their knowledge and understanding of story-telling vocabulary. It helps children to develop a climate of interest and involvement with words, consequently developing not only their vocabulary but also their spelling and comprehension.”
Emma Madden – Headteacher, Fox Primary School, UK

With a team of award-winning artists and writers, Mrs Wordsmith creates books, games, worksheets, and apps to improve the reading and writing of kids, and to make word learning fun! 

Storyteller’s Word a Day was previously published by Mrs Wordsmith in 2019.

Product Details

On sale: February 1, 2022
Age: 7-11 years
Grade: Grades 2-6
Page count: 364 Pages
ISBN: 9780744051483

Author Bio

Mrs Wordsmith is a team of award-winning artists, game designers, writers, data scientists, teachers, and researchers.
It was founded in 2015 by Sofia Fenichell, a mother and writer. Schools weren’t keeping pace with entertainment and technology, and she was determined that language would not be left in the dust. Mrs Wordsmith uses scientific research and proven teaching methodology, alongside Hollywood-quality animation and state-of-the-art game design, to create books, games, worksheets, and apps to improve the reading and writing outcomes of kids aged 4–11, and to make word learning hilariously fun.