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What's My Teenager Thinking

What's My Teenager Thinking

Practical Child Psychology for Modern Parents


What's My Teenager Thinking

About the Book

As the teenage brain rewires, hormones surge, and independence beckons, a perfect storm for family conflict emerges. Parenting just got tougher. But help is at hand.

This uniquely practical parenting book for raising teenagers in today's world explores the science at work during this period of development, translates teenage behavior, and shows you how you can best respond as a parent - in the moment and the long term.

Taking over 100 everyday scenarios, the book tackles real-world situations head-on - from what to do when your teenager slams their bedroom door in your face to how to handle worries about online safety, peer group pressure, school work, and sex.

Discover how to create a supportive environment and communicate with confidence - to help your teenager manage whatever life brings.

Product Details

On sale: June 2, 2020
Grade: Grades 9-12
Page count: 224 Pages
ISBN: 9781465492326

Author Bio

Tanith Carey is a journalist and author who writes on the most pressing challenges facing today's parents. Her writing has featured in The Telegraph, The Times, New York Daily News, and more. She also appears on TV and radio, such as Radio 4's Woman's Hour, ITV's This Morning, and Good Morning Britain. She has two teenage daughters.

Dr Carl Pickhartdt is a Harvard University-educated counsellor and psychologist, with 30 years’ experience working with parents and adolescents. He is a seasoned public speaker and the author of several books, including Who Stole my Child? (2018), a guide to parenting through the stages of adolescence. He has four children and three grandchildren.