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As Red as Blood

As Red as Blood


As Red as Blood

About the Book

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo meets Six of Crows—this international bestseller is an edge-of-your-seat thriller that chills to the bone, and not just because of the icy winter setting.
Lumikki Andersson has made it a rule to stay out of things that do not involve her. She knows all too well that trouble comes to those who stick their nose where it doesn’t belong. But Lumikki’s rule is put to the test when she uncovers thousands of washed Euro notes hung to dry in her school’s darkroom and three of her classmates with blood on their hands. Literally. 
A web of lies and deception now has Lumikki on the run from those determined to get the money back—no matter the cost. At the center of the chaos: Polar Bear, the mythical drug lord who has managed to remain anonymous despite his lavish parties and notorious reputation. If Lumikki hopes to make it out alive, she’ll have to uncover the entire operation.
Even the cold Finnish winter can’t hide a culprit determined to stain the streets red.
“Fans of Nesbø and Larsson won’t be disappointed.” —Publishers Weekly, Starred
“This cold, delicate snowflake of a tale sparkles with icy magic.” —Kirkus Reviews, Starred

Product Details

On sale: January 17, 2017
Age: 14 and up
Grade: Grade 9 & Up
Page count: 256 Pages
ISBN: 9781524713416
Reading level: Lexile: HL750L

Author Bio

Salla Simukka’s As Red as Blood trilogy is an international sensation, having sold more than one million copies worldwide and 52 foreign licenses. Although AS RED AS BLOOD is her first work published in the United States, Simukka already has several novels under her belt, as well as a collection of short stories for young readers. She has also translated adult fiction, children’s books, and plays, and she writes book reviews for TV. Simukka lives in Tampere, Finland. Find her on Twitter at @SallaSimukka.


Praise for As Red as Blood:

"Limned in stark red, white, and black, this cold, delicate snowflake of a tale sparkles with icy magic." -Kirkus (Starred Review)

"Simukka creates a tough, self-sufficient heroine...Fans of Nesbo and Larsson won't be disappointed." -Publishers Weekly (Starred Review)

"[A] YA novel in the tradition of Nordic noir-edgy crime novels set in frigid lands." -Booklist (Starred Review)

"A compelling start, a strong female character, the rich background setting of Finland...are the highlights of this work." -School Library Journal

"The Arctic setting of this import is used to full advantage, evoking a chilling mood and strewing genuine frigid weather obstacles in Lumikki's way...will tempt readers back for more." -BCCB