10 Books for Kids Who Only Want to Read Diary of a Wimpy Kid

by Melissa Taylor

The true-to-life misadventures, epic grossness, silly illustrations, and laugh-out-loud humor in Diary of a Wimpy Kid get kids addicted to the series. But, when they’re done with the series, what other books are just as tempting?

Keep your Wimpy Kid fan reading with these totally awesome and outrageously funny read-alike books.

  • The Strange Case of Origami Yoda

    by Tom Angleberger

    This hilarious book follows a “dweeb” kid with real-life problems (like being in the sixth grade and a Star Wars dork) whose origami Yoda comes to life. The cartoon illustrations add even more humor to an already funny story.

  • The Terrible Two

    by Mac Barnett and Jory John, illustrated by Kevin Cornell

    Laugh along with these mischief-making enemies and, uh, cows. Yes, lots of cows. In fact, you might just start spouting random cow trivia while enjoying this silly story. Plus, who doesn’t love reading how kids prank their school principal?

  • Have a Hot Time, Hades!

    by Kate McMullan, illustrated by Denis Zilber

    While neither realistic nor particularly gross, this book must be included because it’s side-splittingly hilarious and filled with sibling and friendship drama. Sarcastic, bitter Hades (God of the Underworld) narrates, correcting the incorrectly told Zeus-told stories and I’m positive you’ll find his versions much more entertaining.

  • Grossology

    by Sylvia Branzei, illustrated by Jack Keeley

    Celebrate all things gross with disgusting facts and vile experiments. Want to make snot? You can now! Yum.

  • Squids Will Be Squids: Fresh Morals, Beastly Fables

    by Jon Scieszka, illustrated by Lane Smith

    If you like sarcasm and snickering, you’ll love these crazy, illustrated stories. They aren’t your ordinary moral lessons. No, these tales are either new or retold stories with unexpectedly silly and downright weird “moral” lessons.

  • Star Wars: Jedi Academy

    by Jeffrey Brown

    Despite the fantasy setting (yes, it’s a Jedi school in a galaxy far, far away), we can totally relate to the awkward but amusing adventures of school life for a loner older than his peers. The format is similar to that of Wimpy Kid since it’s told in black and white journal entries, cartoons, doodles, and letters.

  • The Zombie Chasers

    by John Kloepfer, illustrated by Steve Wolfhard

    You don’t have to be a zombie fan to enjoy this wacky book series. Poor Zack — his older sister and her friends live to torture him. Now that they’re moaning zombies, Zack has serious problems! The illustrations add to the gross-out factor especially for kids who love zombies and all things disgusting.

  • The Worst Class Trip Ever

    by Dave Barry

    You know it’s going to be a disaster when, while on a school field trip, Wyatt and his friends decide they’ve stumbled onto a terrorist plot at the U.S. Capitol. And, that it’s up to them to stop it. Of course, it’s not going to go well. And while it’s not going well, you’ll be laughing out loud.

  • Diary of a 6th Grade Ninja

    by Marcus Emerson

    He’s the new kid. In middle school. Life sucks until ... he’s recruited to be a ninja?! Lots of laughable moments, a relatable plot line (the school part), and fantastic main characters (boy and girl both) make this an entertaining series.

  • The 13-Story Treehouse

    by Andy Griffiths, illustrated by Terry Denton

    More illustrations than words, we follow the antics of two imaginative, irresponsible friends living in a tree house of their own making — with mermaids, gorillas, and flying cats. (You know, the usual.) Lots of mishaps and laughs ensue in order for them to first, save the world and second, turn in their book (this one!) to the publisher on time.