The Best Bedtime Stories for 3- to 5-Year-Olds

by Dena McMurdie

Photo credit: SimplyMui, Radius Images/Getty Images

Bedtime is my favorite time of day, and not because my little noise-makers will soon be asleep. I love it because bedtime is when we do all our reading. Not only does it give us much needed bonding time, it also gives us the chance to learn new things and talk about the books we read.

Whether your kids need to unwind, bond, or have a few laughs before they start making Z’s, these titles are a great addition to their bedtime routine.

  • Warm and Fuzzy:

  • All the Lost Things

    by Kelly Canby

    Have you lost your eyesight? How about your memory? Perhaps you’ve lost your homework, your keys, or your sense of humor. This is a simple, beautiful story of a young girl who makes a selfless decision to change her world for the better.

  • The Wonderful Things You Will Be

    by Emily Winfield Martin

    This book is a hope-filled promise for childhood. Nobody else can do what your child can do, so snuggle up and celebrate their individuality together; it's a beautiful thing.

  • Waiting

    by Kevin Henkes

    This is a story of five toys, each waiting for something. The pig waits for the rain, the owl waits for the moon, and the rabbit just likes waiting. Gently funny and utterly charming, Waiting is a book that kids love reading over and over.

  • Extra Yarn

    by Mac Barnett, illustrated by Jon Klassen

    A little girl finds a magic box of yarn and uses it to change the town she lives in. With a gentle message of selflessness, this beautifully illustrated book has delighted parents, children, and critics alike.

Do you or your kids have a favorite bedtime book? Let us know in the comments!