Brightly Storytime:
Hoot and Peep

by the Brightly Editors

Welcome to another installment of Brightly Storytime, our video series for kids. Lita Judge’s Hoot and Peep is a sweet story about a pair of owl siblings, making it a perfect read aloud for young siblings and soon-to-be big brothers and sisters, too. Little Peep is thrilled when she’s finally big enough to go up to the rooftops of Paris with her brother, Hoot. Hoot is excited to share his older sibling wisdom by teaching Peep to talk like owls do, but Peep can’t seem to “hooo!” quite like him. As they explore the cityscape, Hoot grows frustrated that Peep’s songs are unique and imaginative … until he begins to understand that little siblings have wisdom to share, too. To catch the full story of Hoot and Peep, read along with the Brightly Storytime video below!


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