Growing Reader

Brightly Storytime:
Miss Maple’s Seeds

by the Brightly Editors

Welcome to another installment of Brightly Storytime, our video series for kids. As winter slowly gives way to spring, Miss Maple’s Seeds by Eliza Wheeler is the perfect read aloud to illustrate the change in seasons and new beginnings. All summer long Miss Maple gathers seeds that have yet to find a place to take root. She brings them home and spends the fall months nurturing them, taking them on trips down muddy rivers and through bustling gardens, and teaching them all about being a seed. Come winter, they burrow down together to keep warm, telling stories and singing songs. When spring arrives, Miss Maple knows it’s time to send her seeds off to sprout, reminding them that though they are small now, “even the grandest of trees had to grow up from the smallest of seeds.” To catch the full story of Miss Maple’s Seeds, read along with the Brightly Storytime video below. And for more fun with Miss Maple, check out these free coloring sheets!

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