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Books Like Press Here: 10 Interactive Stories for Hands-On Kids

by Janssen Bradshaw

I clearly remember the first time I saw Press Here.

My first baby was only a few months old, so she had no interest in it, but my husband and I looked through the whole thing together, completely awed by the creativity and cleverness of the concept of an interactive book.

In the nearly seven years since it came out, I’ve discovered a whole host of other interactive books similar to Press Here and they are some of my children’s favorites, getting read over and over again.

And why not? When a page turn makes it seem as if you’re controlling the action on the page, it’s just a magical reading experience!

Here are ten books like Press Here that are favorites at our house:

  • This Book Is Magic

    by Ashley Evanson

    This book is brand-new and our whole family is obsessed with it. Using your “magic finger,” you say magical phrases for each page and make ships disappear, books turn enormous, and fireworks go off. The illustrations are bright and fun, and this book instantly became my new gift of choice for young children.

  • Touch the Brightest Star

    by Christie Matheson

    This book manages to be both interactive and low-key, so it’s perfectly suited for bedtime as you wave goodbye to the sun, wish upon a star, and pat the owls goodnight.

  • On the Spot

    by Amy Krouse Rosenthal and Lea Redmond, illustrated by Sanne Te Loo

    Amy Krouse Rosenthal’s legacy of creativity and originality lives on in this new book that’s perfect for kids looking to take charge of their story. Here she teams up with Lea Redmond to create a Mad Libs-style adventure where readers are asked to fill in key pieces of the story. Using the stickers at the back of the book, or their own found objects, kids can make and re-make the story, with hilarious results.
    (On Sale: 5/30/17)

  • Bunny Slopes

    by Claudia Rueda

    I love Claudia Rueda’s playful style, and this book is particularly fun as a little bunny asks you to shake the book to make the snow fall and tip it to create a slope and then hop over various obstacles. Of course, his ski day ends with a cup of hot chocolate, so you might want one of those handy as you finish the book, too!

  • Don’t Touch This Book!

    by Bill Cotter

    Of COURSE you’re going to want to touch this book. But you really can’t. Larry knows you’re thinking about it and he knows it’s tempting, but just don’t. Okay, maybe if you just use ONE finger. But whoops! What just happened? On every page, things go hilariously awry as Larry learns to share his beloved book.

  • Tap to Play!

    by Salina Yoon

    This book is inspired by video games and it’s just as addicting as Dr. Mario! Blip needs to reach the bar in order to win, but he can’t do it without your help — you’ll have to shake, tilt, turn, and bounce the book in order to win! And then, of course, you’ll have to do it again. And again and again.

  • Give and Take

    by Lucie Félix

    This one is so clever, with a puzzle piece that comes out on each page and then fits into a new opening, turning it into something completely different. Even my 2-year-old loves removing and replacing the pieces very carefully and watching each image change.

  • Splat!

    by Jon Burgerman

    Get ready for all kinds of messiness! Turn the pages to get a pie straight to the face or experience an onslaught of water balloons. Parents will appreciate that the comedy in this book requires no actual cleanup; kids will love the laughs and playful take on what a book can be and do.
    (On Sale: 6/20/17)

  • Can You Make a Scary Face?

    by Jan Thomas

    Nobody does humorous picture books better than Jan Thomas, and this one is perfect for storytime or when your child just needs to burn off some energy. What would you do if a bug went down your shirt? Can you do a chicken dance? This book is perfect for eliciting giggles, especially when the grown-ups join in the fun.

  • Cat Secrets

    by Jef Czekaj

    This book is only for cats. And if you’d like to know the cat secrets, you better be ready to prove that you’re a true cat. Let the tests (and giggles) begin.