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Off the Page: 6 Picture Books and Paired Activities to Try at Home

by Janssen Bradshaw

Photo Credits: Fun at Home with Kids, Felt with Love Designs, Rapid City Public Library via Flickr CC

One reason I love picture books is that they introduce a whole new world of playing, exploring, and learning to my children.

I can’t count how many times I’ve read a picture book with my kids and they’ve immediately asked to try a new skill or activity.

In that spirit, we’re pairing picture books with an activity you can do at home — perfect for long summer days!

  • Fantastic Folding

  • READ: More-igami

    by Dori Kleber, illustrated by G. Brian Karas

    I have yet to meet a child who isn’t fascinated by origami. In this sweet book, Joey loves all things that fold — give him a map, an accordion, a hideaway bed, and he’s a happy camper. So when he discovers origami, he can’t get enough.