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24 Fantastic Picture Books to
Read This Fall

by Janssen Bradshaw

I’m no statistician, but it seems like the majority of people choose fall when asked their favorite season.

And I can hardly blame them!

Gorgeous leaves, cooler weather, boots and scarves, back-to-school. And, of course, new books!

Could there be anything better than snuggling up on the couch with your child, a cup of hot cider, and a brand-new book?

Here are some of the picture books we’re most excited about this fall. Feel free to chime in if you’ve got your eye on any new titles!

  • Because of an Acorn

    by Lola M. Schaefer and Adam Schaefer, illustrated by Frann Preston-Gannon

    The cycle of life is beautifully depicted with die-cuts as an acorn sets off a chain reaction of life, death, and growth in the forest.
    (On Sale: 08/02/2016)

  • Return

    by Aaron Becker

    We’ve all been eagerly awaiting the final chapter in this trilogy of gorgeous, magical wordless picture books and this is a worthy finish. The heroine of the story can’t get her busy dad to pay attention, so she heads back into her fantasy world with the help of her magic crayon.
    (On Sale: 08/02/2016)

  • The Sound of Silence

    by Katrina Goldsaito, illustrated by Julia Kuo

    A little boy in Japan loves sound and as he steps into the city, he identifies all sorts of beautiful noises. But when he asks a street musician about her favorite sound and she replies with “ma,” which means silence, he is stumped trying to find any silence in the busy city or even in his own home.
    (On Sale: 08/02/2016)

  • This Is Our Baby, Born Today

    by Varsha Bajaj, illustrated by Eliza Wheeler

    If you’re looking for a gift book for a new baby — that they won’t already own five copies of — this story of an elephant family in India who welcomes a new addition is a perfect choice. The bright colors and lovely rhyming text make for a beautiful and sweet story of a baby joining a family.
    (On Sale: 08/02/2016)

  • Can One Balloon Make an Elephant Fly?

    by Dan Richards, illustrated by Jeff Newman

    All Evan wants to know is “can one balloon make an elephant fly?” but his busy mom doesn’t respond. Finally, Evan convinces her to set aside her responsibilities and engage in his imaginative game. And that’s when the magic takes off.
    (On Sale: 08/23/2016)

  • Dragon Was Terrible

    by Kelly DiPucchio, illustrated by Greg Pizzoli

    Oh, Dragon is terrible. I mean, really really terrible. Everyone is desperate to take him down, but who can possibly be up to this task? As you might guess, it’s the least likely of candidates. (Expect your children to die laughing over the “terrible” things Dragon does, like scribbling in books.)
    (On Sale: 08/23/2016)

  • The Uncorker of Ocean Bottles

    by Michelle Cuevas, illustrated by Erin E. Stead

    What happens to all the messages in bottles? They’re found by the Uncorker of Ocean Bottles, who makes sure the messages are delivered to their intended recipients. But what he secretly hopes is that someday a message with his name on it will wash ashore. When an unaddressed party invitation arrives, it might be his chance to find some friends of his own.
    (On Sale: 08/23/2016)

  • American Girl: Ultimate Visual Guide

    by Erin Falligant, Laurie Calkhoven, and Carrie Anton

    For every girl who loves American Girls (or the moms who grew up with them — that would be me!), this is the ultimate book, with the full story of the brand’s history and more fun facts than you’ll find anywhere else.
    (On Sale: 09/06/2016)

  • DK findout! Volcanoes

    by DK

    This new series is perfect for the child who wants to know everything there is about their favorite topic. Filled with the beautiful photographs that DK is known for, plus a multitude of facts, prepare to not see your child for a few hours as they pore over these gorgeous books.
    (On Sale: 09/06/2016)

  • How This Book Was Made

    by Mac Barnett, illustrated by Adam Rex

    You think you know how a book is made, huh? Well, Barnett and Rex are out to prove you have no idea what goes into getting that book into your hands. I mean, did you know it involved pirates and tigers?
    (On Sale: 09/06/2016)

  • Monkey: Not Ready for the Baby

    by Marc Brown

    Monkey is very unsure about his impending role as a big brother. His parents help prepare him so that, by the end of the story, he’s ready for that new baby to arrive! Perfect for any child who is feeling anxiety about changes in their family dynamic.
    (On Sale: 09/06/2016)

  • Six Dots: A Story of Young Louis Braille

    by Jen Bryant, illustrated by Boris Kulikov

    When he was five, Louis Braille was blinded in an accident. Eventually he went to a school for the blind, but there were still no books for him to read, so he invented a new alphabet that the blind community still uses today. This is picture book biography at its best — every library and school should have a copy of this one.
    (On Sale: 09/06/2016)

  • Who What Where?

    by Olivier Tallec

    A follow-up to Who Done It? my children are obsessed with these books where you have to solve a mini-mystery on each page. Who is hiding under the table? Who left their jacket at home? Who’s dressed up as a ghost? It’s fun and clever and perfect for your youngest mystery solver.
    (On Sale: 09/06/2016)

  • Yellow Time

    by Lauren Stringer

    I’ve never thought of fall as “yellow time” but I love this vibrant description. Lauren Stringer masterfully captures the beauty and excitement of the season as children and animals get ready for winter and enjoy celebrating the change.
    (On Sale: 09/20/2016)

  • The Lost House

    by B.B. Cronin

    The grandchildren just want to get to the park. But until Grandad can find his lost possessions — everything from socks to teeth! — they’ll never be able to go. This seek-and-find book is filled with bright colors, elaborate illustrations, and plenty of things for readers of every age to look at.
    (On Sale: 09/27/2016)

  • Penguin Problems

    by Jory John, illustrated by Lane Smith

    Being a penguin sounds great to you, does it? All sorts of slipping around on the ice, enjoying daily fishing trips, and a life of play-play-play in Antarctica. Wrong. It’s pretty terrible, at least according to your narrator penguin. It’s freezing cold, it’s super dangerous, and every penguin looks alike, so it’s impossible to find who you’re looking for. You can count on Jory John and Lane Smith to keep you rolling with laughter in their new book.
    (On Sale: 09/27/2016)

  • Shy

    by Deborah Freedman

    Any child who’s been known to hang back or scared to speak up will relate to Shy. Shy desperately wants to come out of hiding to meet a real bird, just like the ones he’s read about in books. But he’s just not sure he can; he’s too shy. With gorgeous illustrations and a sweet story, Freeman tells Shy’s brave and wonderful tale.
    (On Sale: 09/27/2016)

  • The Wish Tree

    by Kyo Maclear, illustrated by Chris Turnham

    A little boy and his toboggan set out on a winter day to find a Wish Tree, but end up granting the simple wishes of animals throughout the woods as they help to haul various items. And at the end of the day, the animals prepare a magical feast for the little boy as the sun goes down.
    (On Sale: 09/27/2016)

  • Before Morning

    by Joyce Sidman, illustrated by Beth Krommes

    Sidman and Krommes are a formidable duo, and their books are just plain magic (and the Caldecott committee thought so too, with The House in the Night). Their newest collaboration, Before Morning, follows a family enjoying a magical snow day together at home.
    (On Sale: 10/04/2016)

  • Bunny Slopes

    by Claudia Rueda

    In the tradition of Press Here, this book features a bunny who wants a ski day and needs your help shaking the book to help the snow fall, tipping the book to create a slope, and then helping him avoid pitfalls as he skis down the hill.
    (On Sale: 10/04/2016)

  • We Found a Hat

    by Jon Klassen

    Oh Jon Klassen, you never disappoint. In this third book about animals having run-ins with hats, this one features two turtles who find a hat. It looks terrific on both of them, but there’s only one hat and there are two of them. Can this end well?
    (On Sale: 10/11/2016)

  • Little Penguins

    by Cynthia Rylant, illustrated by Christian Robinson

    Winter is coming, which means it’s time for baby penguins to bundle up. Except one little penguin who thinks he’d rather stay home with Mama and skip the mittens, scarf, and hat.
    (On Sale: 10/25/2016)

  • It Is Not Time for Sleeping

    by Lisa Graff, illustrated by Lauren Castillo

    Lots of parents will recognize the themes in this book, as the little boy is convinced it is NOT time to sleep yet. As dinner is put away, pajamas are put on, and he’s tucked into bed, he’s still sure it’s not time for sleeping. So … when will it be time to close his eyes? This is perfect bedtime classic in the making.
    (On Sale: 11/01/2016)

  • A Poem for Peter: The Story of Ezra Jack Keats and the Creation of the Snowy Day

    by Andrea Davis Pinkney, illustrated by Steve Johnson and Lou Fancher

    Few picture books are as famous as the Caldecott-winning The Snowy Day, but how much do you know about the back-story? Ezra Jack Keats came from a family of struggling immigrants and, despite his father’s concerns, Keats was determined to make it as an artist. But it took him years to finally have the chance to write and illustrate a book of his own.
    (On Sale: 11/01/2016)

What other picture books are you looking forward to this fall?