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Father’s Day Fun: 14 New Picture Books Perfect for Dads

by Devon Corneal

Before you rush out to get dad a new tie or a wrench or a steak dinner for Father’s Day, consider hitting the local bookstore and picking up a few books he can read with the kids. We’ve gathered some of our newest favorites below — books that celebrate the tender, tough, funny, insightful, and devoted dads we know and love.

  • You and Me, Me and You

    by Miguel Tanco

    This picture book reminds us all of the special role dads play in the day-to-day lives of their children. From walks in the park to answering simple questions to merely being present, the father in this story is always there for his son.

  • I Love My Daddy

    by Sebastien Braun

    This board book celebrates all the facets of being a dad — from the playful and mischievous to the gentle and loving. Perfect for little hands and bedtime stories, your tiniest readers and favorite dad will adore this papa bear and his cub.

  • It’s Great Being a Dad

    by Dan Bar-el, illustrated by Gina Perry

    Even Bigfoot and Unicorn and Fairy Queen Ballerina can find themselves in need of a little help from their dads, as these imaginative youngsters discover one afternoon.

  • Things to Do with Dad

    by Sam Zuppardi

    What kid hasn’t been frustrated when their dad is more focused on chores than on playing? Read along as this little boy takes matters into his own hands to make sure he and his dad have a little fun. From the author of The Nowhere Box, get ready to see the sweetness and fun that a boy with a green crayon adds to the to-do list.

  • Nelly Gnu and Daddy Too

    by Anna Dewdney

    We know her best for her Llama Llama books, but Anna Dewdney also wrote a charming rhyming story about Nelly Gnu and all the things she likes to do with her daddy. If you haven’t read it yet, make sure to get a copy of the all-new board book version before Father’s Day — it’s going to become a favorite.

  • Jabari Jumps

    by Gaia Cornwall

    Jabari really wants to jump off the diving board at the pool, but he’s scared. Not that he wants to admit it, of course. That’s where his dad comes in. With a simple squeeze of his hand, Jabari’s dad gives him the encouragement he needs to try something new. For every dad who has ever known just what their kids need to take on a new challenge.

  • Dad and the Dinosaur

    by Gennifer Choldenko, illustrated by Dan Santat

    Another touching story about being brave, but instead of a diving board, Nicholas is afraid of dark places. When he loses the toy dinosaur that gives him courage, Nicholas turns to the one person who isn’t afraid of anything — his dad.

  • My Dad Used to Be So Cool

    by Keith Negley

    Before diapers and laundry and coaching the soccer team and making breakfasts and driving you to school, did your dad used to be cool? Does he have tattoos and a hidden drum set in the closet? The answer might be yes.

  • Daddy Honk Honk!

    by Rosalinde Bonnet

    Love knows no limits, which is how an arctic fox named Aput comes to adopt a baby goose. Thank goodness for a community of friends who help him see what an amazing gift this little gosling is.

  • Naptastrophe!

    by Jarrett J. Krosoczka

    Lucy is not tired. And she does NOT need a nap! What could go wrong with that plan? A full-on naptastrophe, that's what. From the creator of the Lunch Lady graphic novel series comes this laugh-out-loud story of a little girl, her dad, their oh-so-relatable day, and a very precious thing called sleep.

  • My Daddy Rules the World: Poems About Dads

    by Hope Anita Smith

    Just in time for Father’s Day comes this glorious picture book collection of poems about fatherhood that celebrates the diversity of American families and the diversity of a father’s love.

  • If My Love Were a Fire Truck: A Daddy’s Love Song

    by Luke Reynolds, illustrated by Jeff Mack

    Is it possible to quantify the immensity of a father’s love? Probably not, but this new picture book gives it a try with a memorable bedtime lullaby that compares a father’s love for his son with all the fantastic things he loves — from fire trucks to rocket ships to wild animals.

  • Little Wolf's First Howling

    by Laura McGee Kvasnosky, illustrated by Laura McGee Kvasnosky and Kate Harvey McGee

    Dads are great teachers, and Little Wolf is ready to learn to howl. But when Little Wolf’s howl isn’t what his father expects, the two of them will have to learn from each other. A wonderful story of acceptance, unconditional love, and finding joy in whatever makes you unique.

  • Ladybug Girl’s Day Out with Grandpa

    by Jacky Davis, illustrated by David Soman

    Spunky Ladybug Girl is back in this sweet installment of the New York Times bestselling series. On a visit to the museum with her grandpa, Lulu is determined to see and do it all — and quick. But Grandpa shows her that there's beauty in stillness and much wonder to see if you take the time to stop and listen.

What other sweet and funny books about dads and their kiddos have you enjoyed? Share with us in the comments below!