2015 Holiday Gift Guide: 3-5 Year Olds

by Janssen Bradshaw

I think the 3- to 5-year-old set is my favorite age group to buy gifts for. They’re old enough to be excited about the holidays and getting a present, but they usually aren’t terribly greedy yet and they’ll pretty much be over the moon about whatever you choose for them. Here are some fun ideas.

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  • Arts & Crafts

  • Journey and Quest

    by Aaron Becker

    Available from:

    These wordless companion books (with a third coming out next year!) are about a boy and girl in an urban neighborhood who discover a magic stick of chalk that makes whatever they draw become real, beginning with a door on the bedroom wall that opens into a magical kingdom. I never get tired of how clever and beautiful these books are. Just warn your preschooler that there will be no trying this at home...

    Also available from:
  • Sidewalk Chalk

    If you live somewhere that is too cold for outdoor chalk drawing, consider picking up a cheap sheet of chalkboard at a hardware store (I bought mine at The Home Depot for $10). You can mount it on the wall or just pull it out on the floor when you want to use it.

  • Child Easel

    I loved my easel/chalkboard growing up, and this one is hard to beat on price, plus it’s just classic looking and easy to fit in the corner of a bedroom or playroom.

  • Mini Monster Scented Markers

    Get their creative juices flowing with these scented markers that come in monstrously bright neon colors.

  • Kid Loom

    It may be a bit early to learn to knit, but this little kit makes it pretty simple. My 4-year-old loved learning to weave the strands in and out, and I really appreciated her having an activity that took concentration and some dedication.

  • Magna-Tiles® Clear Colors 37 Piece Set

    Help your preschooler learn about shapes, geometry, and dimension, and let their imagination run wild with these cool tiles.

  • Mike Mulligan Shirt

    The classic story of Mike Mulligan and his trusty steam shovel that can work faster and better than a hundred men lends itself perfectly to this bright tee.

  • Train Set

    This simple train set is a perfect starter set that you can continue to add on to over the years. Plus, isn’t there something extra fun about a train set running around a Christmas tree?

  • Mini Micro Scooter

    Little drivers can take the city, or sidewalk, by storm with this smooth-riding scooter that’s won multiple awards.

  • Insta-Snow

    We saw this at a toy store nearly a year ago, and my kindergartner is still talking about it. Especially if you live somewhere where snow is in short supply, this is a great alternative.

  • Our Earth Interactive Map

    This gorgeous map comes with 40 reusable stickers so your child can really interact with the map and begin to understand how they fit into the world. It’s a gorgeous addition to a bedroom or a play space wall too.

  • Globe Mobile

    I love this gorgeous and sophisticated mobile that your child will never grow out of. Maybe buy a second one for your office!

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