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Grown-Up Reads

2015 Holiday Gift Guide: Grown-Ups

by Devon A. Corneal


For some, the holidays bring a unique combination of exhilaration and frustration. We eagerly anticipate celebrating annual traditions and spending time with friends and family, but gift buying can be stressful and exhausting. Adults are particularly challenging to shop for, so this year, we’ve compiled a list of books for everyone on your list, along with some fabulous, fun non-book gifts for friends and family alike. Whatever your holiday, we hope this list will make gift buying a breeze and give you more time to relax and enjoy this wonderful time of year.

Heading out to do some holiday shopping? You can download the full version of the gift guide below.


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  • Baker’s Dozen Wooden Spoon Set

    Subscribe to Food 52’s newsletter to get alerts about the most amazing foodie utensils, recipes, and gadgets out there. Gorgeously curated, with an extraordinary collection of everything to make your kitchen unique, including this useful and incredibly fun set of wooden spoons.

  • Ampersand Cheese Board

    Nothing says the holidays like a tray of cheese and crackers, and this clever ampersand cheese board is a novel way to present both.

  • Electronic Kitchen Scale

    Real cooks know that the best way to measure ingredients is by weight. And American cooks trying recipes from other countries are often flummoxed when ingredients are listed in grams. A great kitchen scale solves that problem and ensures your recipes come out perfectly every time.

  • Club W Wine Subscription

    Now that you’ve got the basics down, it’s time to start drinking! Put your new knowledge to good use and join a wine club. Get ready for unusual and unexpected wines to arrive at your door monthly.

  • Canvas Wine Tote

    This is a classy wine carrier for a true oenophile. Perfect for holiday parties or a trip to the park. Throw it over your shoulder or crumple it up in your purse when you’re done.

  • Le Creuset Wine Opener

    There’s nothing quite as satisfying as opening a bottle of good wine with ease. Le Creuset makes sure you’ll never break another cork again.

  • Novel Tote

    Serious readers need serious book-centric gifts and is the place to find them. The reader in your life will love these tote bags gorgeously decorated using only the text of their favorite novel.

  • Book Darts

    If you’re old school and love to mark your favorite passages without permanently marring your book, this is a great gift. Use book darts to identify quotes or sections for book group, class, or just to share.

  • Darcy Necklace

    Proclaim your status as a book lover in jewelry. Proclaim your love of Pride and Prejudice with this perfect pendant.

  • Nano Drone

    If you’re trapped on Mars, you might need a few of these. And even if you’re not, who doesn’t like flying cool miniature drones around?

  • Think Board

    Need to plan your escape from a hostile planet, sword-wielding giants, or an alien fleet? This stickable, moveable dry erase board is perfect for lists, notes, and escape routes.

  • Moleskine Evernote Smart Notebook

    Take those dreams and outlines and digitize them! Ensure you never lose a big idea by merging technology with the old-fashioned doodle with the Evernote compatible notebook from Moleskine.

  • Adult Coloring Book

    Unleash your inner artist with a coloring book worthy of your years of practice, like Millie Morotta’s Tropical Wonderland. Coloring books aren’t just for kids anymore (although you can share with them if you’re feeling generous).

  • Mahabis Slippers

    When planning your next creative endeavor, you should be comfortable. Try Mahabis slippers — the last pair you’ll ever buy. They’re that good.

  • Silver Sphere Locket

    The perfect locket to hold a child’s picture, a favorite quote, or a lock of hair, Pico jewelry designer Andrea Panico finds the perfect balance between modern aesthetics and a timeless traditional gift.

  • Mohair Throw Blanket

    We all need a little alone time — parents especially. This ridiculously warm blanket may just encourage all of us to sneak away with our favorite book and curl up for an hour.