5 Inspiring Picture Books About Women Who Changed History

by Tom Burns

Photo credits: Wangari Maathai (Mark Garten/UN via Flickr CC); Amelia Earhart (Underwood & Underwood via U.S. Library of Congress); Malala Yousafzai (Claude Truong-Ngoc via Wikimedia Commons); Billie Holiday (Carl Van Vechten, public domain via Wikimedia Commons); Jane Goodall (Think Out Loud via Flickr CC)

In the recent Dear Malala, We Stand with You, Rosemary McCarney offers a stirring picture book tribute to Malala Yousafzai, the teenaged-winner of the 2014 Nobel Peace Prize who was shot by the Taliban after advocating for a young girl’s right to an education. Malala’s story is a powerful testament to the idea that one person can change the world, which is a wonderful message to share with young readers. With that in mind, here are five other picture books about inspirational women who all made the world a better place through their lives and their work.