Just For Fun

Take Cover:
7 Delightful DIY Book Covers

by Janssen Bradshaw

Sometimes you have a beloved book that has been so well-loved, the cover is just about gone.

Or you love the book, but the cover leaves something to be desired.

Or you have a set of books, but the covers don’t all match.

Or maybe you just want a fun little weekend project.

Whatever your reasons for needing a book cover, one of these seven ideas will have you and your books, well, covered!

1. Painted Books
A little paint can make your book collection coordinate with any room. This look is so fun and bright.
Painted Books
2. Type Font Book Covers
This is such a clean look and a great way to make all your books match (and your room feel pulled together) without spending a ton of money.
Type Font Book Cover
3. Stamped Book Covers
You don’t need fancy stamps for these covers — everyday objects like pencil erasers and bubble wrap will give you nifty patterns.
Stamped Book Cover
4. Washi Tape Book Covers
Looking to use some of that fancy washi tape? This super simple, five-minute craft is the perfect way to put it on display.
Washi Tape Book Cover
5. Ombre Book Covers
Ombre is super popular right now and there’s no reason your books should miss out on this fun trend.
Ombre Book Covers
6. Fabric Book Covers
Make a couple in different sizes and you can swap them out anytime you’re taking a book on the go.
Fabric Book Covers
7. Book Bundle Covers
If your books go together, this is a delightful way to make all the covers go together, too. Bonus — no more wondering which book is first!
Book Bundle Covers


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