8 Great Resources for Teaching Kids Financial Literacy

by Alexa von Tobel

Teaching kids about money is crucial for their financial well-being in the future. Luckily, there are plenty of engaging and educational resources that can help children develop essential financial literacy skills. From interactive apps and podcasts to fun games and online courses, these resources are designed to make learning about money enjoyable and accessible for kids and teens. Let’s dive into this world of financial education and equip our children with the knowledge they need to make smart financial decisions throughout their lives.

Zogo App: This is an excellent free gamified financial literacy app for kids who want to improve their financial knowledge and get rewarded for learning. With nearly 400 modules covering everything from opening a bank account to planning for retirement, the app offers a comprehensive range of lessons in money management.

Million Bazillion Podcast: Kids have many questions about money, and this kids’ podcast from Marketplace is a great resource for answering them. Host Jed Kim invites money experts, kids, and celebrities like Kristen Bell and LeVar Burton to talk about everything from how credit cards work to understanding cryptocurrency.

TED-Ed: TED is an amazing organization that curates talks on “ideas worth sharing.” Their TED-Ed content is geared toward students, and they have a lot of videos on financial topics, like “How Does the Stock Market Work?” and “What Gives a Dollar Bill Its Value?”

Khan Academy: Khan Academy has tons of free online courses for kids to check out. Two courses, Financial Literacy and Personal Finance, should be at the top of the list for teaching kids about money management at their own pace.

Biz Kid$: Fun games, videos, and more from the Emmy Award-winning television series by the same name. Kids can test their business skills by managing a lemonade stand or get back to basics with a financial literacy course.

Practical Money Skills: Visa has an entire online hub to help teach financial literacy topics. The platform provides educators with a comprehensive curriculum on money management, complete with teacher’s guides, lesson plans, and student activities. Kids can browse the site for fun games, like Financial Football and Peter Pig’s Money Counter.

Hit the Road: This free online game takes kids on an Oregon Trail® type literacy adventure.  Head out on a cross-country road trip, learning the importance of saving and spending wisely along the way.

Build Your Stax: Stax is designed to be a beginner’s crash course in all different types of investing. In a 20-minute game, learn how CDs, stocks, bonds, and other investment opportunities can help grow your wealth in over 20 years. Kids can play individually or as a group in a class setting.

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