8 Ways to Upcycle Your Old Books Into Cute Crafts and Gifts

by Janssen Bradshaw

For some people, it’s almost unthinkable to cut or tear up a book, but if the book is falling apart, or you pick up a bunch of old paperbacks at a garage sale or thrift store, there are so many fun things you can do with them!

Here are some great projects to try your hand at if you’ve got a stack of old books begging to be turned into something new and beautiful.

1. Table Runner
Decorate the table with this fun runner made out of pages from old books. It’s the perfect dinner conversation starter, too.

Book Table Runner

2. eReader Case
What could be better for protecting your electronic reader than a case made out of an actual book? Old meets new!

eReader Case

3. Book Headboard
Talk about a bedtime story! How beautiful and fun is this amazing headboard?

Book Headboard

4. Garland
Book pages make an ideal garland to brighten up any season. I’m imagining one made from pages of A Christmas Carol at the holidays!

Book Garland

5. Book Puff
Wouldn’t this be perfect for a nursery? They’d be so cute made out of pages from a classic picture book (think Goodnight Moon)!

Book Balls

6. Book Balls
These are so fun on a tablescape, arranged with fresh flowers, or placed in a bowl for a pretty decoration.

Book Ball

7. Gift Tags
If you love to give books as gifts (and who doesn’t?) a book page gift tag is the ideal finishing touch.

Gift Tags

8. Coat Rack
I love that, with this project, you see your favorite books every time you come in or out of your front door. Plus, it’s so useful.

Coat Rack