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Baby & Toddler

Baby Books That Illustrate the Power of Positive Thinking

by Keith Rice

positive thinking
Image credit: Catherine Delahaye/Getty Images

As parents, we strive to give our little ones a solid foundation to grow mentally, emotionally, and physically. The benefits of reading aloud to our children at any age are well-known, but what we read to our children is also equally important. Supporting and nurturing a child’s imagination, creativity, and emotional and mental wellbeing is key to providing that solid foundation.

Finding ways to develop and maintain a positive outlook on life is a wonderful mindfulness skill to foster in our babies and toddlers. While helping babies understand abstract concepts like positivity is tricky, we can start them off on the right foot at an early age by introducing them to the building blocks of a positive outlook.

Ranging from beloved classics to contemporary favorites, these board books are an ideal way to introduce babies and toddlers to the power of positivity.

  • Ooko

    by Esme Shapiro

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    This quirky and charming board book encourages a positive self-image and highlights the importance of friendship while reminding little ones to be true to themselves. Ooko is perfectly content with what he has in his life – a stick, a leaf, and a rock. However, he is missing one thing: a friend to play with. When he sees the other foxes playing with their two-legged friends, he decides to find a two-legged friend of his own.

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  • Honey

    by David Ezra Stein

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    Honey, the sweet companion to David Ezra Stein’s award-winning children’s book Leaves, is now available as a board book perfect for the littlest readers. When Bear wakes from his long winter’s nap, he can think of only one thing: honey. However, as the world around begins to awaken to spring as well, Bear learns to appreciate warm grass, the smell of flowers, and how important it is to savor the world around him.

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  • Corduroy

    by Don Freeman

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    This tale of a department store teddy bear on the hunt for his lost button and the little girl who wants him to be her very own bear has been charming children for over 50 years. As Corduroy explores the department store, he keeps a positive mindset with each new adventure before finally finding a home and a new friend in a little girl named Lisa.

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  • Elmo’s World: Love!

    by Kara McMachon, illustrated by Mary Beth

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    Join everyone’s favorite furry little red monster on an adventure to teach little ones about the importance of love in all of its forms. An important aspect of developing and maintaining a positive outlook is recognizing and appreciating those things that we love. Here, Elmo helps children understand all that we have to be thankful for and to love – from our friends and family to our pets and favorite things.

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  • Llama Llama Gives Thanks

    by Anna Dewdney

    Also available from:

    Being grateful and giving thanks for the important things in our life is key to maintaining a healthy and positive outlook. With Llama Llama Gives Thanks, Anna Dewdney presents a Thanksgiving celebration with her beloved character Llama Llama to illustrate the importance of giving thanks for things both big and small.

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  • She Persisted

    by Chelsea Clinton, illustrated by Alexandra Boiger

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    When there are obstacles in our path or unexpected curveballs thrown at us, it becomes all the more difficult – and all the more important – to remain positive. Doing so in those moments requires two crucial ingredients: inspiration and persistence. With She Persisted, Chelsea Clinton celebrates the stories of 13 inspirational women who persisted to accomplish amazing things in the face of seemingly overwhelming adversities.

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  • Kermit the Brave

    by Eric Shaw, illustrated by Character Building Studios

    The original “Muppet Babies” premiered the year I was born and was a fixture of my early childhood. I was therefore pleasantly surprised at Disney’s delightful reimagining of the classic series. Kermit the Brave sees Kermit and his friends on an adventure to save Ms. Nanny. However, Kermit is afraid of the dark and it’s up to Piggy, Fozzie, Animal, Gonzo, and Summer to help Kermit stay positive, be brave, and face his fears.