Growing Reader

Back to School Printables
and Activities

by the Brightly Editors

Sharpen your pencils and pack those backpacks. It’s time for back to school! Whether they’re heading off to school for the first time or a first-day veteran, these fun, free, and educational printables and activities are a great way to help kids get geared up for learning.

R is For Rocket

Get set for back to school with Brightly’s Back to School Essentials!


  • Holly Peterson

    the junie b jones printables are so cute! my 7 yr olds loved them!

  • Grammy

    I just can’t believe how generous you are to provide such a unique and COOL website!! What a wonderful world it would be if everyone thought and lived like you! ( individually or collectively) Thank you on behalf of my 3 yr old grandson and our family! EXTRAORDINARY!