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Bedtime with Brightly:
Book Picks and Tips for Every Age

by the Brightly Editors

goodnight brightly
Illustration credit: Penelope Dullaghan

Bedtime can be the best moment of the day. You cuddle with your little ones, enjoy a story together, and watch contentedly as they drift off to dreamland. It’s an idyllic scene that would make Norman Rockwell proud.

Then there are those other nights. They’re not tired at all, they say. Just one more glass of water, they ask. Tears, denial, pleading, bribing — it’s enough to make the most hardened negotiator crumble, and to drive any parent crazy.

At Brightly, we want to make bedtime easier. Here you’ll find book recommendations for every age, plus exclusive Mad Libs-style story prompts for when they’re demanding “just one more” and you’re out of ideas. We also have tips on what to do — and what not to do — to get your child tucked in and happily on the way to a peaceful night’s sleep.

Sweet reads and sweet dreams!

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