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New Year, New Outlook: Bee-ing Fearless in 2021

by Mikaila Ulmer

bee fearless

Last year taught us that you cannot control everything in life. From pivoting business plans, changing our daily interactions, and managing unlimited zoom calls at school, it was tough year! What we can control is how we react and show up in 2021. I am choosing to show up fearless in this new year. While we are all ready to shake off 2020, I wanted to share some lessons I’ve learned from some special individuals that will help push me to be brave in the new year.



My teachers truly showed me the meaning of resilience in this last year. They showed up to class every single day, even when we couldn’t. They stayed available, upbeat, and strong, even through new lesson plans and internet difficulty. I really admire my teachers and how hard they worked. I also learned how to be more self-sufficient with less in-person class time. I am really inspired by my teachers and my school and how much they gave last year.



My mom showed me that you can’t always have everything scheduled and planned. It’s important to listen to your feelings. During 2020, if we seemed stressed or anxious my mom would get us out of the house or try something new, and it lifted everyone’s mood. It made for great lifetime experiences and taught me the importance of going with the flow. She inspired me to take chances and jump head first into new things.

bee fearless



With everyone working from home, the WiFi constantly went in and out. Normally, we would sit online during our free time, but my dad made us go outside. Being able to go on walks, work on projects, garden, and spend time with our chicken coop made for a really great reset. He inspired me to remember it’s okay to take breaks and it’s okay to say no.

bee fearless



Launching a book during a pandemic was not easy! However, I was determined for my book, Bee Fearless: Dream Like a Kid, to inspire the next generation of change makers. I wanted kids, no matter how young, to dream big. We took a different approach to the book launch. We set up Zoom meetings, TV interviews, online book reviews, and yes, masked book signings. We had to think outside of the box. Being an entrepreneur and now an author encourages new ideas and new ways to forge your own path. I am determined to take this lesson and shoot for the stars this coming year and beyond.


As an entrepreneur, student, Bee Ambassador, and full time dreamer, I am constantly racing. Racing from different interviews, racing from classes, racing through new ideas, and racing through life. This last year gave me a new perspective and the push to start the new year fearless and brave. Last year was full of fear and sadness, but I am choosing to focus on brave new ideas and positivity. My hope for all my “beelievers” is to take the lessons learned in 2020 from the important people in your life and push to make 2021 your most confident year yet. My goals for 2021 include applying to my dream colleges, getting my driver’s license, reaching out to old friends, and growing my online business. I hope that all of your 2021 goals are just as fearless.