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The Best Children’s and YA Books of August

by the Brightly Editors

best children's and ya books of august

As the summer winds down and you plan your back-to-school shopping, there’s a good chance your child will want to cram as much reading as possible into the remaining days of summer. Below, you’ll find heartfelt picture books, adventurous middle grade novels, and breathtaking young adult stories to whisk you and your kids away on one last adventure before summer ends.

  • YA

  • Guided Tarot for Teens

    by Stefanie Caponi

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    Teens and YA readers interested in developing their inner voice and strength through Tarot will find everything they need in this book. Written by a Tarot expert, readers will learn the meanings behind the cards, how to read them, and how to listen to their intuition. It is an excellent resource for beginners with a reference chart, guided exercises, and tips on making the most of your reading.

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  • Azar on Fire

    by Olivia Abtahi

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    Azar’s vocal cords got strained and nearly ruined as a baby. But she can’t resist the siren’s call of a Battle of the Bands contest and the chance to form a band with her crush, Eben. Reach for this sweet and funny YA rom-com from the author of Perfectly Parvin the next time you need a feel-good story.

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  • How to Survive Your Murder

    by Danielle Valentine

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    Get your flashlight ready because this nail-biting thriller by legendary author Danielle Valentine will keep you up all night! Alice gets the opportunity to go back in time and save her sister from getting murdered. She must race against the clock to figure out who the killer is and stop them before they can hurt her sister or anyone else.

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  • Neverlanders

    by Tom Taylor, illustrated by Jon Sommariva

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    Get ready to experience Neverland like never before with this action-packed graphic novel! Bee and her group of misfit runaways get transported to the mythological place by Paco, a new crew member. But instead of landing in a magic-filled wonderland, they discover a war-ravaged island on the brink of collapse. It’s up to Bee and her misfit crew to save the island from utter destruction.

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  • Nothing More to Tell

    by Karen M. McManus

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    Mystery lovers are already buzzing about this exciting new novel from the author of One of Us Is Lying. After several years away, Brynn moves home, starts an internship, and looks into the unsolved murder of her teacher. As she digs up clues and puts the pieces together, she unearths shocking discoveries about her friends, school, and the murder victim.

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  • The Dragon's Promise

    by Elizabeth Lim

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    Princess Shiori sets off on a new adventure in this follow-up to the bestselling fantasy novel Six Crimson Cranes. This time, Shiori must navigate the treacherous political landscape in the kingdom of dragons and return the dragon’s pearl to its master. But the pearl has a mind of its own, and Shiori must rely on her wits and magic to complete the task.

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