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The Best Children’s and YA Books of December 2021

by the Brightly Editors


While you’re getting ready to say goodbye to another year, it’s the perfect time to say hello to some fantastic books. Whether you’re looking for last-minute holiday gift ideas or good books to add to your child’s bookshelf, you can’t go wrong with these must-have titles.

  • Middle Grade & Chapter Books

  • Just Roll with It

    by Lee Durfey-Lavoie, illustrated by Veronica Agarwal

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    Fate, OCD, and middle school collide in this entertaining graphic novel about a girl who uses a 20-sided die to make all her choices. Readers who struggle with decision-making and anxiety will appreciate Maggie’s story as she navigates her social life, gains confidence, and learns to trust herself.

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  • Pages & Co.: the Book Smugglers

    by Anna James, illustrated by Marco Guadalupi

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    Leap back into this popular series with the fourth bookish adventure featuring Tilly Pages, a girl who can travel in and out of stories. Mysterious poison, a magical train, and a journey to the Land of Oz combine into an unputdownable adventure that young readers will love.

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  • She Persisted: Oprah Winfrey

    by Renée Watson and Chelsea Clinton, illustrated by Alexandra Boiger and Gillian Flint

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    Oprah Winfrey is a cultural icon, and many young readers will enjoy reading about her life. From her childhood to her success in television, this biography introduces readers to the inspirational woman, her hopes and dreams, and the hard work it took to achieve them.

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  • Honest June

    by Tina Wells, illustrated by Brittney Bond

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    Ella Enchanted meets middle school in this charming and funny novel. June’s fairy godmother curses her with a truth-telling spell, complicating her life overnight. Readers will laugh and cheer for June as she accidentally truth-bombs her friends, teachers, and parents — and eventually learns to be authentic and honest with herself and others.

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