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The Best Children’s and YA Books of February 2019

by the Brightly Editors

We’ve rounded up some of February’s best new releases for picture books, middle grade, and YA readers. From picture books all about birthdays to moving tales of friendship to a thrilling murder mystery, there’s a lot of great reading to pack into such a short month.

  • Midde Grade

  • Song for a Whale

    by Lynne Kelly

    Written by sign language interpreter Lynne Kelly, Song for a Whale follows a twelve-year-old girl's struggles as a deaf person. When she learns about a whale unable to communicate with the rest of its species, she becomes determined to help him be heard.
    (On sale: 2/5/19)

  • The Bridge Home

    by Padma Venkatraman

    For runaway sisters Viji and Rukku and homeless boys Muthi and Arul, life in Chennai, India is dangerous and unforgiving. Even so, they find happiness in their freedom from corrupt and abusive grown-ups. When illness strikes the group, Viji must decide if it's worth risking everything to get them medical help.
    (On sale: 2/5/19)

  • President of Poplar Lane

    by Margaret Mincks

    The Poplar Kids are back in this sequel to Payback on Poplar Lane and this time it’s to compete for class president! The candidates: Clover O’Reilly, the second oldest of five sisters who just wants to be heard, and Mike the Unusual, an exuberant comedy magician hoping to make his father proud. With a mix of silly situations, relatable characters, and timely humor, readers will love following the campaigns of these kid candidates.
    (On sale: 2/12/19)

  • Marsh and Me

    by Martine Murray

    Joey loves music and would like nothing more than to have someone to talk about it with, but his shyness sometimes gets in the way. He escapes to a secret place on a hill, when one day, he discovers a girl, who he calls Marsh, has built a fort that looks like a spaceship where she is creating her imaginary world. The world lets them be themselves and together, they form an unlikely friendship that just might be the thing to break Joey out of his shell.
    (On sale: 2/19/19)

  • YA

  • Lady Smoke

    by Laura Sebastian

    Theodosia has escaped from the Kaiser, taken back her title of Queen, and is now looking for a way to get her kingdom back for her people. To do this, she'll need an army big enough to take on the Kaiser, but to build an army she'll have to take a husband. With engrossing characters and an explosive ending, this second installment of the Ash Princess series does not disappoint.
    (On sale: 2/5/19)

  • Four Dead Queens

    by Astrid Scholte

    When Keralie, the best thief in Quadara, finds herself in possession of crucial information about the murder of the four queens, she teams up with stoic and logical Varin to uncover the killer. Filled with suspense and intrigue at every turn, nothing is as it seems in this enthralling fast-paced murder mystery.
    (On sale: 2/26/19)

  • Rayne and Deliliah's Midnite Matinee

    by Jeff Zentner

    Meet Delia and Josie, two best friends, who host a TV show together every Friday night. With high school winding down, Josie must choose between leaving the comfort of home and going to a big university. Meanwhile, Delia is holding on to the TV show hoping it will help reunite her with her father. Equal parts heartwarming and heartbreaking, Jeff Zentner's latest book on growing up and growing apart is a must-read.
    (On sale: 2/26/19)