All Ages

The Best Children’s and YA Books of June 2019

by the Brightly Editors

Summer reading is meant for playfulness, imagination, and brave new worlds. June’s best book releases feature a sparkling new creature that’s half-llama, half-unicorn; middle grade novels packed with magic, mermaids, and zombies; and YA reads that spin tales you’ve never heard before. Keep your family reading all season long with stories they won’t want to leave.

  • Middle Grade

  • All the Greys on Greene Street

    by Laura Tucker

    In 1981 SoHo, 12-year-old Ollie’s days are filled with art. Her dad restores antique paintings, her mom creates sculptures, and Ollie herself roams the streets of New York with an artist’s keen sensibilities. But one day her dad disappears, and a stranger keeps calling about a missing piece of art. Ollie’s determined to figure out what’s happened in this quietly stunning debut novel.
    (On Sale: 6/4/19)

  • A Small Zombie Problem

    by K.G. Campbell

    A new fantasy series is in town, this time following a lonely young boy and the fables and secrets that hover around the family he’s just getting to know. August is elated when an unknown aunt invites him to attend school with his cousins, but chaos ensues when an unwelcome — and undead — guest follows him home.
    (On Sale: 6/4/19)

  • Sea Sirens

    by Amy Chu, illustrated by Janet K. Lee

    In this resplendent graphic novel inspired by L. Frank Baum’s The Sea Fairies, described as an “underwater Wizard of Oz,” a Vietnamese American girl and her one-eyed cat find themselves in an oceanic kingdom at war. With the Sea Siren mermaids besieged by the Serpent King, will Trot and her cat be able to help, and — perhaps more importantly — find their way home?
    (On Sale: 6/11/19)

  • The Girl Who Sailed the Stars

    by Matilda Woods, illustrated by Anuska Allepuz

    Matilda Woods charmed readers with her whimsical debut, The Boy, The Bird & the Coffin Maker, and her second book — full of magical realism, adventure, and dazzling prose — is sure to follow suit. The youngest of seven sisters, Oona Britt may not be the brave son her parents were promised, but when she sneaks aboard a ship, she proves that bravery isn’t a gendered trait.
    (On Sale: 6/25/19)

  • YA

  • The Haunted

    by Danielle Vega

    Given Danielle Vega’s fame as YA’s Stephen King, it’s no surprise that The Haunted is thrillingly creepy. Hendricks is ready to start over in the tiny, unassuming town of Drearfield, New York, home to the Steele House, which is notoriously haunted by ghosts. But when Hendricks herself begins to feel haunted, she can’t tell if it’s the ghosts or her traumatic past coming to call.
    (On Sale: 6/4/19)

  • Patron Saints of Nothing

    by Randy Ribay

    Filipino-American teenager Jay Reguero is on track for the rest of his life: it’s the last semester of high school, and he’s ready to move on to college. And then tragedy strikes: his cousin Jun is killed in the Philippines, and no one wants to talk about it. Author Randy Ribay weaves two poignant coming-of-age stories that lead to divergent futures.
    (On Sale: 6/18/19)

  • DEV1AT3

    by Jay Kristoff

    In the second installment of Jay Kristoff’s LIFEL1K3 trilogy, best friends Eve and Lemon find themselves on different sides of the fight for humanity and no longer able to tell the difference between enemies and allies. The two have been drawn into separate communities — Eve with her fellow androids, and Lemon with other powerful abnorms — as they all hunt for an elusive key.
    (On Sale: 6/25/19)

  • Wicked Fox

    by Kat Cho

    An urban fantasy combined with Korean folklore, Wicked Fox tells the star-crossed love story of Miyoung and Jihoon. Miyoung has a gumiho soul: she transforms into a nine-tailed-fox that feeds off the energy of men — until she rescues Jihoon from a goblin and loses her fox bead. Jihoon doesn’t realize he now holds Miyoung’s life in his hands, and dark forces spell doom for one of them.
    (On Sale: 6/25/19)