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The Best Children’s and YA Books of March 2021

by the Brightly Editors


March has never felt so good! With spring on the horizon and warmer weather creeping in, we’re feeling our spirits lift. And after the challenges of the last 12 months, we all deserve a little sunshine in our lives. Kids and parents especially could use some brighter days, so we’re sharing the best and brightest children’s and YA books being published this month.

Whether you’re interested in heartfelt picture books or pulse-pounding novels, you’ll find the most notable books of the month on this list.

  • YA

  • Good Girl, Bad Blood

    by Holly Jackson

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    Pip doesn’t want to be a detective anymore. She wants to focus on running her viral true-crime podcast and staying out of danger. But when a girl goes missing, and the police refuse to investigate, Pip knows she has to do something. In this heart-pounding sequel to A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder, Pip will dig up even more dark secrets about her small town—with the whole country watching.
    (On sale: 3/2/2021)

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  • Home Is Not a Country

    by Safia Elhillo

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    This groundbreaking novel-in-verse takes an honest look at the challenges unique to the children of immigrants. Nima feels like she doesn’t fit in anywhere—at school or home. She’ll have to come to grips with the loss of her best friend, find her place in the world, and figure out who she is in this timely and poignant novel.
    (On sale: 3/2/2021)

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  • Tell Me My Name

    by Amy Reed

    Also available from:

    Fans of We Were Liars and The Great Gatsby will love this twisty thriller. When Ivy arrives on Commodore Island, Fern’s life changes from dull and comfortable to wild and exciting. But it doesn’t take long for Fern to realize there’s more to Ivy’s lavish lifestyle than she lets on. As the dry summer turns the island into kindling, Fern uncovers secrets that will change her world forever.
    (On sale: 3/9/2021)

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  • A Queen of Gilded Horns

    by Amanda Joy

    Also available from:

    If your teen loved A River of Royal Blood, they’ll be happy to know that the sequel is coming out this month. With both princesses on the run and a revolution stirring, Eva and Isa must work together to unite their people and save the queendom. This conclusion to the buzz-worthy duology will keep readers enthralled to the last page. If you’re new to this series, now is the perfect time to catch up on your reading!
    (On sale: 3/16/2021)

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