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The Best Children’s and YA Books of September 2021

by the Brightly Editors


Fall is one of the best times of year for new book releases, and you’re going to fall in love with this lineup! From magic-filled picture books to heartfelt middle grade novels and buzz-worthy YA, there’s something here for every age and stage.

  • Picture Books

  • Grumpy Monkey Oh, No! Christmas

    by Suzanne Lang, illustrated by Max Lang

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    Celebrate the holidays with your favorite curmudgeon! While it might feel too early to think about Christmas, it will be here before you know it. Now is an excellent time to collect picture books to get you and your family into the holiday spirit. Join Jim Panzee and his jungle friends as they navigate the ups and downs of the season.
    (On sale: 9/14/2021)

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  • My Two Border Towns

    by David Bowles, illustrated by Erika Meza

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    This striking picture book tells the story of a boy and his father as they make their weekly trip across the US-Mexico border to a town just on the other side. There, they make purchases, visit family, and check in on friends as they wait for their chance to immigrate. A very accessible book on borders, immigration, and community.
    (On sale: 9/14/2021)

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  • A Walk in the Words

    by Hudson Talbot

    Also available from:

    As a kid, Hudson Talbott struggled to read, but he loved drawing, and he loved stories. In A Walk in the Words, Hudson tells the story of how he came to understand that being a slow reader didn't make him a "bad" reader. Brimming with self-empowerment and beautiful art, it's a heart-warming book that celebrates those who learn differently.
    (On sale: 9/14/2021)

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  • Change Sings

    by Amanda Gorman, illustrated by Loren Long

    Also available from:

    Amanda Gorman stunned America when she delivered her powerful poem during the presidential inauguration. Now, you can share her inspirational message with your children. Her picture book shows readers of all ages that we can change the world for the better when we work together.
    (On sale: 9/21/2021)

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  • Nina

    by Traci Todd, illustrated by Christian Robinson

    Eunice Kathleen Waymon was a musical prodigy who wowed her family and friends with her talent. As she grew in popularity, she adopted the stage name Nina Simone. This gorgeously illustrated biography depicts her rise to stardom and how she used her voice to fight for equality during the civil rights movement.
    (On sale: 9/28/2021)