The Best New Audiobooks for Kids and Families to Listen to This April

by Janssen Bradshaw

Background credit: Westend61/Getty Images

We’re just wrapping up spring break here, and it feels like the perfect time to add a few more audiobooks to our family life!

Grab something for the whole family while you take a road trip or listen to a couple as you enjoy more relaxing mornings at home.

My children love to listen while they color or build with Legos or while they eat a snack around the kitchen table.

Here are a couple of great new audiobooks for kids and families that are sure to be winners no matter what your plans are or what age group you’re looking for:

  • Young Adult

  • I Have Lost My Way

    by Gayle Forman, read by Nicole Lewis, Sunil Malhotra, and Michael Crouch

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    I know from personal experience that you might not want to listen to Gayle Forman books in public because there is a high risk you’ll end up with tears streaming down your face. Even so, her books are always worth it, and this new title follows three teenagers — each struggling with their own challenges in dreams, love, and family — who find each other in Central Park and work together over the course of a day to figure out who they are and how to move forward.

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  • Ginger Kid: Mostly True Tales from a Former Nerd

    by Steve Hofstetter, read by the author

    If your child was obsessed with Diary of a Wimpy Kid in elementary school, this is the nonfiction young adult version of being a misfit in school. In this hilarious series of essays, comedian Steve Hofstetter describes his seventh grade life from his first timid steps into dating to family drama to being a first-class nerd. Bonus points for it being read by the author!

  • Obsidio

    by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff, read by Olivia Taylor Dudley, Carla Corvo, and a full cast

    If you love a full cast audio, this one is going to knock your socks off, with more than 30 narrators and a complete soundscape that wraps up the Illuminae Files trilogy. The main characters barely escaped with their lives in the last book and now they are jammed on a container ship with 2,000 refugees. With almost no resources at their disposal, they head back to Kerenza, unsure of what they’ll find when they arrive, but ready to face the challenge head on.

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  • Grown-Ups

  • The Woman in the Window: A Novel

    by A. J. Finn, read by Ann Marie Lee

    If you love a good thriller that will keep you listening long past your bedtime (or power you through a huge sink full of dishes or pile of laundry), this is for you. Anna Fox lives alone in New York with debilitating agoraphobia that keeps her in her home for months on end. But when she sees a crime happen involving the new neighbor family, she doesn’t know quite how to proceed. And as a listener, you won’t know who to trust and who to believe!

What great audiobooks has your family listened to recently? Share with us in the comments below.