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Just For Fun

10 Heartfelt and Humorous Book Gifts for Teachers

by Dena McMurdie


It takes a special person to be a teacher. They voluntarily lock themselves in a small room with twenty or more kids five days a week. They expect to be smeared with glue, glitter, and whatever leftover “lunch” has been rotting in the back of any given desk. And yet, they keep coming back, day after day, year after year, because they love their students.

My dad was one of those teachers. He’s retired now, but for years I watched him stay up late grading tests, preparing lessons, and worrying about his students. The kids he taught are adults now, but they still come up to him in the grocery store or post office to say hello and catch him up on the latest news.

Special teachers deserve an extra special thank you at the end of the year. Instead of (or in addition to) giving them a bottle of hand sanitizer, spring for one of these bookish gifts.

What are some of your favorite gifts for teachers? Let us know in the comments below.