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Enchanting Book Nooks You’ll Want
to Recreate

by Melissa Taylor

Phot credit: evgenyatamanenko, iStock/Getty Images

Want your child to become a book lover? Design a cozy book nook to entice kids to curl up with a good book… or ten. Plus, if you’re like me, these beautiful parent-designed book nooks will inspire you to create your own snuggly reading nook. Here are some enchanting book nooks you’ll want to recreate.

Asia Citro Fun at Home with Kids 
“I love having books facing out and I love how colorful covers actually help decorate the space!” explains Asia Citro, mom of two, author, blogger, science teacher, and publisher. She created this cozy reading space when her oldest child was three years old, and it’s still a favorite reading spot for both her children many years later. Her kids alternate between the beanbag chair and hammock swing after picking a great book from the area’s built-in shelving.

Photo credit: Asia Citro


Angela Rathbun | Blue i Style
Angela’s two boys love to read in any of their house’s three reading spaces, including their shared bedroom. When her son was six, he reorganized his bedroom shelves in rainbow order. Angela shares, “Both my boys keep them arranged this way ALL the time!” This inviting space features two corner bookshelves to maximize space, plus a comfy little chair.

Photo credit: Angela Rathbun


Shayna Larsen | Ramblings of a Barefoot Blonde
In this playroom space, you’ll notice both practical functionality and a clean design. The lower shelves feature books for Shayna’s younger daughter, with the older books on the next level of shelves and top shelves reserved for shared storytime choices. “They are vibrant, and fun,” says Shayna, “My kids are obsessed with them, and so am I! I think it’s so important to have books in multiple areas of your home that your kids can have access to. This book nook is very well-loved.”

Photo credit: Shayna Larsen


Coralie Stokes | Lifetime Reader
“We are a family of readers,” Coralie reveals. “It’s important to me to have spaces where my kids can curl up and get lost in a book. We have bookshelves throughout our home, but I wanted to create a designated reading spot in our daughter’s room.” This reading sanctuary features a canopy, comfy pillows, color-coordinated books, and extra decor to match her daughter’s personality. Not only does Coralie’s daughter love this space, but her friends do, too.



Janey Strong | Darling Readers
“A sure favorite room in our house is this little reading nook,” writes Janey, mom of three. It’s a bright room with plenty of natural light, loads of books, and a comfy place to snuggle and read. Janey believes in the importance of a light, bright, cozy, and warm space with outward-facing bookshelves to make the books inviting and irresistible. “We spend many hours a day reading in here or at least making a mess of all the books!”

Photo credit: Janey Strong


Rosalinda Perez | What a Sweet Journey
Former teachers, Rosalinda and her husband value learning and reading from a young age. They’ve been reading to their son since he was in utero.

Even though he can’t read independently, this little bookworm loves to look at the pictures and identify animals and objects on his own. “We mostly use the reading nook to get Emmanuel even more comfortable with reading, but he utilizes it on his own when he goes into his room,” explains Rosalinda. “I’ll hand him a book from his shelf, and he will sit in his new chair to read.”

Photo credit: Rosalinda Perez


Wesley Bird | Haven By the Bae
This book-loving parent and her husband created a reading space for their son before he was even born. From books they’ve collected over the years to treasured gifts from his baby shower, this now 6-month-old boy already has an impressive picture book collection. Wesley explains she wanted to recreate the memories she has of reading with her own mom. “The rocking chair and rug that we chose for his room were selected solely for the purpose of creating a cozy space to read and play with my son.” Floating shelves display favorite titles ready for mom and dad to read to their little book lover.

Photo credit: Wesley Bird


Lindsey Lane | Nerdyweds Lane
The rainbow bookshelves capture this bookworm mom’s devotion to collecting books for her daughter to read. Not only that, this toddler mom rotates books between the bookshelves in her daughter’s bedroom and playroom. And to further help her organization, she says, “I’ve started setting up the books we check out from the library with covers out on top of her bedroom bookcase and she’s been enjoying her new reads that way!” She also likes to include nonfiction in their reading diet. “We have a lot of great nonfiction books, so I like to pull out books that are applicable to what we’re learning about or experiencing in our day-to-day activities.”

Photo credit: Lindsey Lane


Kimberly Huff | Natural Beach Living
Avid reader, Kimberly Huff, created a reading nook so her daughter would develop a passion for books. She began with low, front-facing bookshelves that were easily accessible for her young reader, then added rain gutter shelving to hold more picture book favorites. Not only is this aesthetically pleasing space filled with cozy pillows and engaging decor, but her daughter also gets to choose a Book Buddy for reading time. A Book Buddy is a special stuffed animal friend who gets extra cuddles while her daughter reads. Kimberly writes, “If you are an avid reader, passionate about books, and hope your children have the same passion, setting up a reading nook will do wonders.”

Photo credit: Kimberly Huff