Growing Reader


One Step at a Time: 13 Books About Blended Families

by Devon A. Corneal

Photo credit: Katrina Wittkamp, The Image Bank/Getty Images

As both a stepdaughter and a stepparent, I know that navigating the world of blended families can be challenging. When I was growing up, divorce was not the norm and stories with families that looked like mine weren’t common. Because stories help kids process their feelings and validate their experiences, it’s important that children in blended families read books that contain characters like them. Those characters might be angry, anxious, exited, fearful, confused, or overwhelmed and might struggle to fit into a new family dynamic. Seeing their experiences as normal can help kids (and parents) work through challenging times to build families that, while new, are full of love and respect. We’ve found a few of our favorite new and old titles that show all the complexities and joys that come with stepfamilies.