10 Fun and Engaging Books About U.S. Presidents for Tweens

by Dena McMurdie

Background image credit: Natalia Kuprova/Getty Images

The other day, I was talking to a friend that moved to the United States as an adult. I asked her how she learned American history and she replied, “From reading children’s books.” I started laughing because that was how I learned it, too.

When I came to the United States from Canada as an adult, I had almost zero knowledge of American history or its presidents. That changed as my kids got older and started asking questions. Together, we read books about America’s complex history, its wars, and its leaders. Names that previously meant nothing to us became attached to the stories, events, and accomplishments of each president we read about. From their childhood adventures to the White House and beyond, my kids and I explored the lives of the American presidents with the help of some fantastic books.

Whether your child wants to learn more about our country’s leaders or you just want to brush up on your facts, reading children’s books about U.S. presidents is a fun and enjoyable way to do it. This reading list will help you get started.