Gotta Catch ‘Em All! 14 Books for Kids Obsessed with Pokémon Go

by Laura Arnhold

The Pokémon Go phenomenon has washed over the U.S. like a cool wave washes over your toes at the beach on a hot summer’s day … okay, maybe more like a tidal wave. Kids are playing, adults are playing, and strangers are walking around their neighborhoods talking to each other about catching small pocket monsters in their community. Libraries, churches, and other landmarks have become Poké Gyms — places where your single-player experience becomes a group battle to gain Pokécoins and Stardust to level up. So if your Pokémon Go-loving kids are draining your cell phone battery and using up your data, here are some super fun and captivating books you can hand them instead.

  • Level 30 Trainer (Teens; Ages 13+)

  • Ready Player One

    by Ernest Cline

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    The world’s not a pretty place in 2044, so Wade escapes by entering the virtual reality world of OASIS. Wade love to solve puzzles and he’s spent much of his time in OASIS solving the clues left by the creator of the world. Of course, he’s not just solving them for fun, he’s solving them with a promise of power and fortune, and as soon as Wade dives into the game, he meets other players willing to kill for the answers. In order to survive, Wade must win the game … the race is on!

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  • Scott Pilgrim's Precious Little Life

    by Bryan Lee O'Malley

    Scott Pilgrim’s pretty happy with his life — he’s got a girlfriend, he’s playing in a band with some friends, and he’s currently in between jobs, leaving him lots of free time. All is well, until Ramona Flowers comes rolling into his life … literally on roller blades. He doesn’t only see her at parties, but also in his dreams, and in order to learn more about Ramona and date her, he has to battle her seven evil ex-boyfriends in a manga-styled graphic novel. Check out the movie based on the series called “Scott Pilgrim vs. the World.”