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Read Globally: 14 Beautiful Books That Introduce Mexican Culture and History to Kids

by Devon A. Corneal

Mexico shares a 1,933-mile border with the United States and the flow of people between our two countries has given rise to a glorious interplay of language, food, and tradition. These stories from and inspired by our southern neighbor highlight the incredible and myriad facets of Mexican culture. From picture books to middle grade novels, we’ve found wonderful tales of Mexican traditions that we hope your entire family will enjoy.

  • Middle Grade

  • The First Rule of Punk

    by Celia C. Pérez

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    Being different is hard no matter who you are, but things are not looking good for Malú on her first day of school. She’s made a popular girl mad and her punk style violates the school’s dress code. Malú doesn’t know how she’ll survive the year, until she finds a group of friends as unique as she is and who are willing to fight to be themselves.

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  • Return to Sender

    by Julia Alvarez

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    In this touching story, two families forced together in crisis forge new and unexpected bonds of friendship and respect. When Tyler’s family hires migrant Mexican workers, including Mari’s dad, to help save their farm, two very different cultures come together to change everyone involved.

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  • Who Was Frida Kahlo?

    by Sarah Fabiny and Who HQ, illustrated by Jerry Hoare

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    Although Frida Kahlo struggled with physical ailments for most of her life, her art was an explosion of color, refusing to be constrained. Known for her sizable eyebrows and extraordinary love for her native Mexico, Kahlo is an artist for the ages.

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  • What the Moon Saw

    by Laura Resau

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    Clara has lived her entire life in the United States. She’s never visited Mexico, where her father was born, until now. Clara’s grandparents have invited her to spend the summer with them, and Clara is about to discover just how different their rural home is, and how much there is to learn from her family and heritage.

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