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365 Days of Firsts

365 Days of Firsts

A Daily Record of Baby's First Year

Illustrated by Boyoun Kim

Stationery & Accessories

365 Days of Firsts

About the Book

Filled with inspirational quotes on babyhood and parenthood, 365 Days of Firsts is a slim and accessible journal that provides a daily writing space to reflect on all the moments of baby's first year. Filled with gorgeous art, this utterly giftable package features a simple, unprompted space to reflect and record--users simply fill in the date and record a few lines each day. As the journal fills it will become a heartfelt keepsake of a very special time.

Product Details

On sale: March 28, 2017
Page count: 224 Pages
ISBN: 9780451496843

Author Bio

POTTER is an imprint of the Crown Publishing Group that makes high quality gift and stationery products that range from traditional to trendy.