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Educating for Character

Educating for Character

How Our Schools Can Teach Respect and Responsibility


Educating for Character

About the Book

Calls for renewed moral education in America's schools, offering dozens of programs schools can adopt to teach students respect, responsibility, hard work, and other values that should not be left to parents to teach.

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On sale: September 1, 1992
Page count: 496 Pages
ISBN: 9780553370522

Author Bio

Dr. Thomas Lickona is a developmental psychologist and professor of education emeritus at the State University of New York at Cortland, where he directs the Center for the Fourth and Fifth Rs (Respect and Responsibility). A past president of the Association for Moral Education, he serves on the Board of Directors of the Character Education Partnership and speaks around the world to teachers, parents, religious educators, and other groups concerned about the character development of young people.