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Bake Up! Kids Cookbook

Bake Up! Kids Cookbook

Go from Beginner to Pro with Recipes and Essential Techniques


Bake Up! Kids Cookbook

About the Book

The perfect gift for kids ages 6-12

A sweet and savory cookbook that grows with your child's baking skills, including step-by-step instructions and photographs for every recipe!

Newbie bakers ages 6-12 will learn essential baking techniques as they progress chapter-by-chapter, graduating from beginner to intermediate to pro. Each level keeps kids excited with easy-to-follow, mouthwatering recipes for cookies, cakes, pies, pizzas, muffins, and more. In the bonus level, they'll learn to whip up yummy treats for special occasions and holidays. With pictures for all 60 recipes, step-by-step instructions, and recipes organized by skill level, this cookbook sets kids up for success in the kitchen as they create tasty treats sure to impress friends and family.

Bake Up! Kids Cookbook features:
Photos for every recipe so kids can see the delicious results before they begin 60 sweet and savory recipes including Ooey Gooey Chocolate Cake, Cheesy Popovers, and Unicorn Cream PuffsChapters organized by 4 skill levels--beginner, beginner plus, intermediate, and pro--to build baking confidence and add more excitementTutorial recipes that offer hands-on learning and provide the building blocks for baking mastery Core baking skills and techniques--from separating eggs and rolling dough to melting chocolate and creaming butter and sugar
Kids will be amazed by all the yummy treats they can bake--and parents will be proud to watch them rise from newbie baker to pro.

Product Details

On sale: November 24, 2020
Page count: 192 Pages
ISBN: 9780593196847

Author Bio

Nicole Hendizadeh is the culinary producer and online chef personality for “Good Mythical Morning” and “Mythical Kitchen,” and is the co-host of the podcast, “A Hot Dog is a Sandwich.” Nicole is also a food stylist and has worked with brands such as Tapatio, Brandable and Cooking Panda. She is a cookbook author and is published by Penguin Random House. Nicole lives in Los Angeles with her fiancé David.


Bake Up! is the book to get your kids started in the kitchen. My favorite is the baking levels in the book, which make your kids feel super accomplished as they work their way up through the tiers. There’s something in here for everyone, from a basic pie crust to more intricate breads and cakes. I can’t wait to buy this book for my nieces and use it myself!” –Lauren Ziemski, food personality
“I have never seen a baking book that spells everything out as clearly and shows so many important tips and tricks to avoid getting into a mess as this one does. It's cool the way the recipes are divided into different levels to help build your skills, and how the index has photos to make it easier to what you plan to make. Bake Up! is a must-have cookbook for any kid wanting to bake. Go get it now and start baking!” –Chef Mitchell Frieder, culinary school instructor
Bake Up! is not only a colorful collection of delectable and accessible recipes, but also a brilliant new way to teach kids how to bake. Every recipe is thoughtfully designed to help kids build fundamental baking skills and gain confidence in the kitchen. Such a treat!” –Crista Aladjadjian, chef, CEO and cofounder of Mezze Media Group
“Chef Nicole Hendizadeh’s cookbook contains so much valuable information to help kids gain confidence and familiarity with baking! I absolutely love how she breaks down important baking essentials and offers visuals of small details. I highly recommend this cookbook to kids of all ages. Bake Up! is a great tool for families to bake and get creative together in the kitchen!” –Chef Nicole Leah Dayani, CEO of Nicole’s Kitchen
“Nicole’s book is a must-have for families—not only for budding young bakers, but also their parents who may be starting from scratch! The easy-to-follow instructions and special tips will give anyone a leg up in the kitchen. Don’t sleep on the Caramelitas or Cookie Butter Snickerdoodles!” –Leslie Discher, pastry chef and Momofuku Milk Bar alum
Bake Up! is filled with delicious and innovative recipes for kids of all ages. If you want to teach your children the ins and outs of baking, this is the best place to start. This beautiful, colorful, and informative cookbook will inspire your children and give them the confidence they need to shine in the kitchen!” –Lindsey Baruch, blogger at lindseyeatsla.com
“No one is more qualified to balance the discipline and demands of baking with the excitement, mystery, and its sweet sense of reward than Nicole. Bake Up! stands to cultivate a new generation of proven bakers.” –Internet Shaquille, YouTube personality and culinary instructor
“Never has there been a cookbook so packed with fun, easy-to-follow, and delicious recipes that I would love to eat! Educate and entertain your kids by giving them this book so they can bake these items and mail them to me!” –Bill Oakley, Instagram food influencer and former showrunner for The Simpsons
“Nicole makes it easy for kids and adult-children to bake any concoction they want at home. Don't sleep on those Unicorn Cream Puffs!” –Courtney McBroom, cookbook author, creator of Ruined Table, and former culinary director of Milk Bar