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Dinosaur Book for Kids

Dinosaur Book for Kids

Coloring Fun and Awesome Facts

Illustrated by Andre Sibayan


Dinosaur Book for Kids

About the Book

Color and learn fun facts about 25 of the greatest dinosaurs that ever lived!

Meet 25 of the world's most amazing dinosaurs! This learn-through-coloring book provides kids with hours of coloring fun and teaches them exciting facts about these prehistoric beasts at the same time.

Did you know that Triceratops had up to 800 teeth? Or that Dilophosaurus could run almost as fast as an Olympic runner? Here's what the dinosaurs looked like, how they protected themselves, how big they were, and so much more. Children will have fun coloring the dinosaurs, learning about them, and becoming dinosaur experts.

Dinosaur Book for Kids features:

Learning while having coloring fun! Kids will discover amazing facts for each dinosaur that they can share with family and friends.50 age-appropriate illustrations, perfect for little hands.Name and pronunciation guide for every dinosaur, so kids can proudly (and accurately) show off what they know.

Product Details

On sale: September 1, 2020
Age: 3-7 years
Grade: Preschool - 2
Page count: 112 Pages
ISBN: 9780593196977

Author Bio

Katie Henries-Meisner is a teacher, school leader, and mom of two (dinosaur-loving) kids. She's taught first, third, fourth, fifth, and sixth grades; fourth grade is her favorite! She grew up in suburban Massachusetts, where she developed a passion for urban education and social justice, along with a love of learning through exploration and projects. She currently lives in Northern California with her family.


“Perfect for the young, budding paleontologist! If you love someone who loves dinosaurs, Dinosaur Book for Kids is for you. Packed with facts and fun, your child will spend endless hours coloring and learning about all their favorite prehistoric creatures and may even find some new dinos to love.  The kid-friendly language, along with the beautiful coloring pages, make this teacher-mom excited to use both at home and in the classroom!” —Debra Carnes, M.Ed., California K-8 STEM educator
“Katie Henries-Meisner’s Dinosaur Book for Kids is exactly what young dinosaur fans will love. It’s full of fascinating facts about these mesmerizing creatures that kids will be able to retain, especially with the added aid of coloring the dinosaur. In my experience as a preschool teacher/director for 20+ years, I know this will be a favorite at home as well as in the classroom.” —Sarah Otañez, Director, Vallejo Parent Nursery School and American Canyon Co-op Preschool
“There are many books out there about dinosaurs (a perennial favorite topic of children!).  What differentiates this book from others is that Dinosaur Book for Kids is not only a fantastic book for families of preschoolers and kindergartners to read aloud to their children, but the text is written at a level that many first and second graders will be able to read on their own, with just a little help from an adult. What an empowering experience for young paleontologists!” —Nicole Bandy, M.Ed., elementary intervention specialist, co-founder and founding third grade teacher of Vallejo Charter School
“This book is perfect for the classroom and at home. As a teacher who explores dinosaurs with my K-1 students in ‘Dinovember,’ I appreciate that for each dinosaur, there are two drawings to color. One illustration is more scientific with pronunciation and diet, and the other image with the dinosaur in a landscape invites more coloring creativity. This book does a great job of giving some facts, but not being too overwhelming for young learners. I have never come across a coloring book like this before and look forward to using it in my classroom.” —Rachel Ramsey, kindergarten and first grade teacher, Grass Valley Charter School
“From interest to obsession, all kids like dinosaurs. That’s why, as a first grade teacher, I believe that Katie Henries-Meisner’s Dinosaur Book for Kids is a must-have for all early-elementary classrooms. Students will love to color their favorite dinosaurs and learn about many more! Ms. Henries-Meisner provides just the right amount of text without sacrificing essential and interesting facts. Teachers, parents, and children will enjoy this book together and adults may finally be able to keep up with their kids’ mastery in the subject!” —Giselle Gonzalez Vendrell, M.Ed, first grade teacher, Pelham Elementary School
 “This coloring book will bond children with parents and caregivers. The adult pronounces the dinosaur name and reads its characteristics to the child. The child will delight in the descriptions and will enjoy coloring the dinosaurs so much they will not even realize it was a learning process! Katie Henries-Meisner makes learning funthe way it should be!” —Patricia Griffin, retired owner of Play Pals Nursery School