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A Farm-to-Table Card Game for 2 to 5 Players: Card Games for Adults and Card Games for Kids



About the Book

A collaboration from Punderdome cocreator Jo Firestone and former Tonight Show games producer Josh Knapp, Fruits is a fast-paced card game that provides two to five players with bunches of fun! 

Fruits is no ordinary card game. This juicy twist on fast-paced favorites like Uno and Gin Rummy is chock-full of cheerful claymation art and surprising disruptors to keep you on your toes.

Players will encounter ten types of personality-packed Fruits cards of varying point values and must harvest “bunches” of three or more fruits to earn points. Along the way, action cards will come into play, either multiplying players’ successes or thwarting their efforts to gather the most fruit; for example: a pie card can double the total value of a bunch, but a grabber card gives an opponent the chance to steal a card—and all of its potential points—from another player’s hand.

Gameplay continues until one lucky fruit collector accumulates a thousand points and wins the game! Hope you’ve been eating your fruits, because Fruits requires a dash of luck, a little strategy, and a whole lot of zest.

Product Details

On sale: October 25, 2022
Page count: 100 Pages
ISBN: 9780593235836

Author Bio

Jo Firestone is a comedian whose work can be seen on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Joe Pera Talks With You, High Maintenance, Shrill, and more. She can be heard on Maximum Fun’s Dr. Gameshow, a podcast she co-hosts with Manolo Moreno, and Comedy Central’s Everyday Decisions, a podcast she hosts all alone. Her album, "The Hits" is available on Comedy Central Records, and if you like puns, check out Punderdome: A Card Game for Pun Lovers. Her special, Good Timing with Jo Firestone, featuring 16 senior citizens from her online comedy class, is out now on Peacock.
Josh Knapp is a writer and game designer who has worked on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and published crossword puzzles in the New York Times and The Washington Post. He is the co-creator and head writer of the music game show, That’s My Jam on NBC, hosted by Fallon. He also created New York City's first live immersive game experience in 2022, Game of 1000 Boxes. His favorite game is a tie between Scrabble and the rigged claw machine at the laundromat.