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Beauty and the Besharam

Beauty and the Besharam


Beauty and the Besharam

About the Book

“If you're a fan of rivals-to-lovers, look no further!”—Aiden Thomas, New York Times bestselling author of Cemetery Boys
Heated competition leads to even hotter romance in this YA summer rom-com for fans of Sandhya Menon and Emma Lord!

Seventeen-year-old, high-achieving Kavya Joshi has always been told she’s a little too ambitious, a little too mouthy, and overall just a little too much. In one word: besharam.
So, when her nemesis, Ian Jun, witnesses Kavya’s very public breakup with her loser boyfriend on the last day of junior year, she decides to lay low and spend the summer doing what she loves best–working part time playing princess roles for childrens’ birthday parties. But her plan is shot when she’s cast as Ariel instead of her beloved Belle, and learns that Ian will be her Prince Eric for the summer. [Cue the combative banter.]
Exhausted by Kavya and Ian’s years-long feud, their friends hatch a plan to end their rivalry by convincing them to participate in a series of challenges throughout the summer. Kavya is only too eager to finally be declared the winner. But as the competition heats up, so too does the romantic tension, until it escalates from a simmer to a full-on burn.

Product Details

On sale: May 24, 2022
Age: 12 and up
Grade: Grade 7 & Up
Page count: 400 Pages
ISBN: 9780593350874
Reading level: Lexile: 790L

Author Bio

Lillie Vale is the author of books for both teens and adults, including The Shaadi Set-Up and Small Town Hearts, an American Library Association 2020 Rainbow Books List selection. She writes about secrets and yearning, complicated and ambitious girls who know what they want, the places we call home and people we find our way back to, and the magic we make. Born in Mumbai, she grew up in Mississippi, Texas, and North Dakota, and now lives in an Indiana college town. Find her on Twitter @LillieLabyrinth and Instagram @labyrinthspine, or visit her website lillielabyrinth.com.


Praise for Beauty and the Besharam

A story that feels simultaneously magical and true to life. The character-driven plot, led by a vibrant cast that showcases diversity in ethnicity, gender identity, and sexual orientation, places equal weight on the value of friendship, family relationships, and romance, with each element playing an important role in Kavya’s growth and changing self-understanding throughout the book. A joyful ode to being true to yourself and finding love where you least expect it."--Kirkus Reviews, starred review

“If you're a fan of rivals-to-lovers, look no further! Beauty and the Besharam is a novel bursting with swoony romance, humor and the importance of going for it, even when it's scary. Vale shows us that love is about not compromising who you are, or loving someone despite their ferocity and drive, but because of it. Lillie Vale put it perfectly — ‘Rivalry is good, but kisses are better.’”—Aiden Thomas, New York Times bestselling author of Cemetery Boys

"A clever, emotional book about being true to yourself no matter what. With a delightful rivalry you can’t help but ship, whimsical settings, and so much banter, Beauty and the Besharam is not to be missed."--Jennifer Dugan, author of Hot Dog Girl and Some Girls Do

"Warm, joyful, and funny! This delightful gender-flipped Beauty and the Beast is the perfect, sweet rom-com to snuggle up with."—Jenn Bennett, author of Alex, Approximately

"Beauty and the Besharam is for every girl looking for their happy ending. A perfect rivals-to-lovers romance that also gives a voice to outspoken Desi girls."—Adiba Jaigirdar, bestselling author of The Henna Wars
“Full of heart and enemies-to-lovers heat, Vale’s modern fairytale is a witty, welcome celebration of the girls who feel like too much.”—Emily Wibberley & Austin Siegemund-Broka, authors of What's Not to Love

Hilarious, sharp, and sweep you off your feet romantic, Beauty and the Besharam is the kind of book that you will immediately want to reread. Prepare a spot on your forever favorite shelf."--Nina Moreno, author of Join the Club, Maggie Diaz

"Beauty and the Besharam is the modern fairytale we need right now. This big-hearted story is a joyful celebration of friendship, falling in love, and most importantly, of being true to yourself. Kavya is a princess (and a beast) worth cheering for." –Kara McDowell, author of One Way or Another and This Might Get Awkward

"Honest, heartfelt and hilarious, Beauty and the Besharam shows the wonder of love in all its forms and how important it is that we find people who love us exactly as we are."--Kristina Forest, author of Now That I've Found You
"Bursting with wit, genuinity, and expertly executed beloved tropes, BEAUTY AND THE BESHARAM is my new go-to YA rom com. Vale's YA should be an autobuy for everyone!"--Nisha Sharma, author of My So-Called Bollywood Life