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Pocket Full of Sads

Pocket Full of Sads

Illustrated by Rachel Más Davidson


Pocket Full of Sads

About the Book

A uniquely humorous approach to sadness, this picture book helps kids understand this big, heavy feeling while encouraging mindfulness and exploring what it means to be a good friend.

Rabbit is SO excited to go fishing with Bear. But Bear's not feeling up to it. . . . He’s feeling low, like his pocket is full of sads that are weighing him down. Although Bear doesn’t know why he’s feeling this way, Rabbit is sure she can fix it!

Rabbit looks to the internet for advice, but none of the self-help tips seem to help. The friends try meditating, healthy eating, even a new hobby, only to learn that when it comes to having the sads, there’s no easy fix—except, maybe, friendship. 

This tender picture book is the perfect primer to help children understand the heavy-hearted sadness that can come out of nowhere. And more importantly, it helps kids and adults be better listeners and more supportive companions to friends dealing with tough feelings. A must have for homes and classrooms alike!

Product Details

On sale: April 4, 2023
Age: 3-7 years
Grade: Preschool - 2
Page count: 40 Pages
ISBN: 9780593564561

Author Bio

Brad Davidson is a writer and educator who is passionate about helping kids learn and grow. Brad’s favorite way to explore his sads is by talking with a friend, and he is lucky to have a wonderful wife who listens.

Rachel Más Davidson is a Cuban-American illustrator who loves to create original stories with her husband. Art has always helped Rachel when she has sads, and she hopes her art will help others with their sads, too.


“A lovely, age-appropriate introduction to the healing power of companionship and acceptance by a true friend.” —Kirkus Reviews

"This gentle read-aloud....makes it perfect for a meaningful discussion with little ones and their big feelings." —Booklist