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Ultimate Greek Mythology

Ultimate Greek Mythology

Adventurous Stories, Fun Facts, Amazing History, and Beyond!

Illustrated by Charli Vince


Ultimate Greek Mythology

About the Book

Embark on a journey to the magical world of Greek mythology in this ultimate book of fascinating myths and fun facts for kids ages 6 to 9!

Travel to the top of Mount Olympus, where the gods and goddesses live. Get to know Zeus, Apollo, Poseidon, Aphrodite, and Dionysus and understand how they shaped the fate of humans and the world. Venture deep down to the caves and wonders of the Underworld, where Hades rules. In this mythological world, action, drama, and lessons abound, humans can achieve godlike endings, deities are flawed, and even monsters can be loved.

In Ultimate Greek Mythology, kids will immerse themselves in the amazing stories of muses and heroes and encounter fantastical beasts and creatures while also discovering the incredible facts and history that inspired each myth.

FANTASTICAL ILLUSTRATIONS of majestic creatures like Pegasus along with other fierce beasts like the Hydra to marvel at and ignite kids’ imaginationsKEY CHARACTER PROFILES to learn about their main traits, symbols, and awesome powersFUN FACTS about the fascinating history and culture of ancient Greece to spark wonder about the vast world of Greek mythsEXPLORE CREATIVITY with intriguing questions that invite kids to dive deep into each story and inspire them to create their own fantastic inventionsEASY-TO-FOLLOW PRONUNCIATION GUIDES to encourage independent reading through tricky words and namesIDEAL GIFT for curious minds, young fantasy readers, and kids obsessed with ancient history

Product Details

On sale: November 7, 2023
Age: 6-9 years
Grade: Grades 1-4
Page count: 240 Pages
ISBN: 9780593689837

Author Bio

L.J. Tracosas is a writer and editor. She’s the author of more than 20 nonfiction books for curious young readers and adults. She lives in Atlanta with her husband, son, and two cats and makes books in memory of her son Miles.

Charli Vince is an illustrator based in Norwich, UK, who has a love for folklore, the natural world, bright color, and all things unusual.