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Just Jake: Dog Eat Dog #2

Just Jake: Dog Eat Dog #2

Illustrated by Victor Rivas Villa


Just Jake: Dog Eat Dog #2

About the Book

Sixth grader Jake Ali Mathews is slowly climbing his way back up the ladder of popularity. Increasingly settled in his new school and with a great new best friend, Michael, everything seems to be going okay for Jake.  Until Jake's beloved teacher, Mrs. Pilsner, has a baby and the students in Jake's homeroom are handed off to the super-scary substitute, Ms. Cane.  Rather than teach through traditional methods, Ms. Cane decides to have these go-getters help her with a fledgling pet-grooming company. Dogs, cats, and more get bathed, popularity struggles become boardroom struggles, and Jake's friendship with Michael is tested.  Even Jake's diabolical sister, Alexis, gets in on the puppy-cleaning action and hilarity ensues. But will Jake's brand of AWESOMENESS be enough to clean up this furry mess?

Product Details

On sale: March 31, 2015
Age: 8-12 years
Grade: Grades 3-7
Page count: 196 Pages
ISBN: 9780698198807
Reading level: Lexile: 720L

Author Bio

Jake Marcionette is a kid author and lives in Jacksonville, Florida with his family. His favorite sport is lacrosse. His first book, Just Jake #1 published in Winter 2014 to great success featuring national and local televsions spots, successful book signings and array of local and national print media. It debuted at No. 7 on the New York Times Best Seller List for Middle Grade books. He found his agent, Dan Lazar at Writer's House by googling "how to publish a book" and cold-calling agents.