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My Little Box of Emotions

My Little Box of Emotions

Little guides for all my emotions—Five-book box set

Boxed Set

My Little Box of Emotions

About the Book

The characters Happiness, Anger, Sadness and Pride are here to teach your little one how to manage their emotions.

Kids come with a full spectrum of emotions, some of which are too big to keep inside. Every child handles their feelings differently. Learning to deal with them is an important part of growing up. This collection of board books teaches kids how to recognize their emotions.

This colorful collection of illustrated books covers a range of emotions that small children experience daily. They just might not fully understand their feelings or have the words for them yet. Each book in this series features fun characters that illustrate a specific emotion. Discover the smiling sunshine that represents Happiness and the twinkly star that represents Pride.

This set of educational books will help your child understand what different emotions are, and that everyone feels this way sometimes. It also encourages emotional development. In I Feel Sad, the little raincloud shows young children that being sad is okay, and how to stop this feeling from getting too big. In I Feel Angry, the little flame tells kids the best way to deal with this big feeling, and what happens in the body when we get angry.

The simple text is ideal for reading aloud and makes reading time fun and educational. This set of adorable picture books will help your child with language development, vocabulary building and talking about their emotions. Let the cute characters help your toddler discover the simple answers to difficult questions about feelings.

My Little Guide to Big Emotions

This collection of preschool books is the ideal children's gift and makes a great addition to any bookshelf. This bright box set from DK Books includes five board books:

How Do I Feel?I Feel Happy I Feel Angry I Feel Sad I Feel Proud.
These books are also available individually. Look out for Sunshine in I Feel Happy, Raincloud in I Feel Sad, Flame in I Feel Angry and the little Star in I Feel Proud.

Product Details

On sale: October 27, 2020
Age: 3-5 years
Grade: Up to Kindergarten
Page count: 80 Pages
ISBN: 9780744025811

Author Bio

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