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Dinosaur Club: The T-Rex Attack

Dinosaur Club: The T-Rex Attack


Dinosaur Club: The T-Rex Attack

About the Book

Travel back in time to the world of the dinosaurs in book 1 of this exciting series! Children will be inspired to discover the prehistoric world with these character-driven adventure stories for children aged 5 to 7 years old.

Learn all about dinosaurs and the prehistoric world in this first installment of DK’s dinosaur fiction series for children.
With a gripping narrative that keeps kids engaged, the Dinosaur Club books are the perfect gift for children who are fascinated by dinosaurs. It’s written for children aged 5+ years, with lots of information about their favorite and unfamiliar dinosaurs, as well as an exciting adventure set in the prehistoric world.
At the end of this fictional book, you’ll find “The Dino Files” which is a summary of all the scientific facts and discoveries made throughout the story. With fun illustrations, quizzes, and a vocabulary list, the educational value of this book is outstanding and great for a classroom read!
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Dinosaur Club is a reminder to kids that they are limited only by their imagination, and teaches them that learning is fun! But most of all, these educational books encourage children to discover more about the subjects they love.

Product Details

On sale: March 29, 2022
Age: 5-7 years
Grade: Grades K-2
Page count: 96 Pages
ISBN: 9780744049978