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Sand Swimmers

Sand Swimmers

The Secret Life of Australia's Desert Wilderness

Illustrated by Narelle Oliver


Sand Swimmers

About the Book

Journey to the heart of Australia and find secret life in the harshest of deserts in this riveting true story captured in stunning illustrations.

In the center of Australia lies a strange desert wilderness called the Dead Heart. It is difficult to imagine anything can exist in such a forbidding place. But the Dead Heart contains amazing stories of adaptation and survival. Follow in the footsteps of early explorers like Charles Sturt and learn what the indigenous people of Australia have long known: not all is quite as it seems. Narelle Oliver’s intricate artwork and vivid language creates a spellbinding portrait of a mysterious desert landscape.

Product Details

On sale: January 6, 2015
Age: 7-10 years
Grade: Grades 2-5
Page count: 40 Pages
ISBN: 9780763667610

Author Bio

Narelle Oliver is the author-illustrator of a number of award-winning children’s picture books. She  lives in Brisbane, Australia.


A remarkably effective combination of history and natural history of a mysterious ecosystem.
—Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

An enchanting look at the Australian wilderness. The succinct narrative is rife with visual imagery, and the beautiful illustrations, rendered in detailed pen and ink, depict the colors of the desert... Highly recommended for science and history collections.
—School Library Journal

Using primary sources, first-hand experiences, and scientific observations, Oliver manages to marry human and natural history into a beautiful and symbolic book about perseverance.