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Barnaby Never Forgets

Barnaby Never Forgets

Illustrated by Pierre Collet-Derby


Barnaby Never Forgets

About the Book

Meet Barnaby, an unforgettable bunny (with a few blind spots)!

Barnaby has a very good memory. He remembers to brush his teeth and feed his grasshoppers, and he always, always remembers when it’s ice-cream night. So how can someone with such a good memory forget something so important? As Barnaby soon finds out, sometimes the thing that’s slipped your mind is right under your nose (or right above it). Lovable, scatterbrained Barnaby will win the hearts of adults and kids alike in Pierre Collet-Derby’s funny and familiar tale of remembering what you’ve forgotten — and learning to laugh at yourself.

Product Details

On sale: July 11, 2017
Age: 5-8 years
Grade: Grades K-3
Page count: 32 Pages
ISBN: 9780763688530
Reading level: Fountas/Pinnell: I

Author Bio

Pierre Collet-Derby is a French artist and animator, and the illustrator of Goodnight Selfie by Scott Menchin and The Boulder Brothers: Meet Mo and Jo by Sarah Lynn. He lives in Canada.


Robust humour comes through loud and clear in Collet-Derby’s energetic lines and buoyant, even boisterous, text.
—Toronto Star

A recommended, silly read-aloud for the classroom, storytime, or one-on-one sharing.
—School Library Journal